Someone is pulling emergency brakes on subways

New York is facing an unusual incarnation of Denial of Service, in this case public transport. Just like on the web, thats's extremely annoying and in this case, really has impact on peoples's lives. From the article: "The reports caused major disruption," says Wikipedia, "affecting approximately 140,000 passengers and 1,000 flights."Asymmetric warfare: someone is pulling emergency [...]

Google stored G Suite passwords in plaintext

In today's edition of privacy related topics, it is Google that apparently stored customer passwords in plaintext. Google didn't disclose which (enterprise) customers have been affected, but was clear that improper access is out of question. With this recent incident, Google joins ranks of Facebook, Instagram, but also Twitter and LinkedIn. Google says it discovered [...]

Product Management vs Product Ownership

The organisation that I am part of introduced an overlaying Product Management department only fairly recently, less than a year ago. Early in the time it was exciting to see this role dedicated to market and customer perspective, but it raised questions over how this was different from Product Ownership from day one. Over the [...]

Instagram had private contact data scraped

Another week, another Facebook leak. This time an Instagram dataset with apparently scraped profile information was found online. A massive database containing contact information of millions of Instagram influencers, celebrities and brand accounts has been found online. The database, hosted by Amazon Web Services, was left exposed and without a password allowing anyone to look [...]

Competitive Analysis and Strategy To Win

A product's success is not only defined by its features. Whether it can win in the market to a large extent is owed to the environment it is offered. Customer requirements, competitive offering, market climate, environmental conditions, total cost of ownership (TCO) can have an impact on the products success. A competitive overview is essential [...]

Fastly went public.

Already on Friday, Fastly, one of the more prominent representatives of the Website acceleration technology business, went public. Despite two days old, still worth mentioning. The San Francisco based company can be found under the label NASDAQ: FSLY. Measured by the initially offered price of 16$/share, the first day of trading close at $24.20 can [...]

Versteckte Kameras in Ihrem Airbnb-Appartement finden

Normalerweise lasse ich politische Ereignisse lieber un-kommentiert, und ich will Politik auch nicht zum Inhalt dieses Blogs machen. Aber die Österreichische Presse arbeitet den Fall so schön auf, dass ich an der Stelle auf diesen Hinweis verlinken will. Es hat ja auch mit Security und Privacy zu tun, wenn man das so sehen möchte. Weil [...]

Salesforce outage.

It appears Salesforce was shutting down its services May 17th 2019. Reason was a faulty configuration of scripting options, that allowed users to access to all their company's Salesforce data. To prevent worse, Salesforce shut down. Salesforce said the script only impacted customers of Salesforce Pardot - a business-to-business (B2B) marketing-focused CRM.However, out of an [...]

Pyramid of product manager needs

Benoit des Ligneris describes a model in his article about the environment in which product management has to navigate. This environment has many influences, and a product evolves with influences from many sources. The Maslov inspired pyramid of Product Managers needs starts with real world dependencies. The market is the basis for any product, hence [...]