Mozilla unveils YouTube recommendation horror stories

Somehow, a fun read. Still problematic, and somewhat scary, at the scale YouTube relies on recommendations.

YouTube Horror Stories
YouTube Horror Stories

Mozilla gathered 28 user-submitted stories, detailing incidents where YouTube’s recommendation served videos featuring racism, conspiracies, and violence.

Source: Mozilla unveils 28 horror stories about YouTube’s recommendation algorithm

Thoma Bravo to buy Sophos

Sophos Logo
Sophos Logo

Both company announce the plans for the acquisition today. The private equity company Thoma Bravo plans to buy the UK-based cyber-security giant Sophos for $7.40 per share, for a total value of $3.9 billion, at a 37% market premium.

Safari in iOS sends data to Tencent

Engadget reports, that with iOS 13 Apple started checking website details against fraudulent behavior with Tencent. While Apple already uses “Google Safe Browsing” to improve security, this behavior has been difficult before. With the latest developments in Hong Kong and China, this approach is – at a minimum – questionable and overshadows trustworthiness of Apple hardware. Engadget comments accordingly:

You might not have to worry outside of China, but it’s still a concern.

Source: Safari in iOS sends some Safe Browsing data to Tencent

Responsibility vs. Accountability

According to Anthony Murphy, it’s the road to failure. And I couldn’t agree more, despite the framing. My personal experience showed things in the end always find a way. However, the separation between Responsibility and Accountability leads to lots of friction, debates and, in case somebody with accountability has to be identified, finger-pointing.

First of all, the article is entirely right, responsibility is not something that is assigned, it is something individual contributors take. Colleagues, that lead the way and take responsibility for their decisions. Those that make sure task are picked up and delivered.

And then there is accountability. Something that that can only be assumed for something that already happened before. All too often, there are much more candidates to volunteer for accountability, because it is misunderstood for leadership (or a management position), alongside with the willingness to spend days and weeks in non-customer value creating, internal debates how RACI Matrices (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) Matrices need to be defined and filled.

Only when responsibilities from the same matrix fail to deliver, accountability is a perfect model to seek problems with other actors in the matrix, preferably those responsible.

To put customer goals in first place, the agile manifesto has a simple answer and puts the team in charge.

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Social Media Suchtmechanismen

Dass Likes und Shares und Herzchen eine Belohnung für das Unterbewusst darstellen hat man mittlerweile schon häufiger gehört. Man kann sogar lernen, wie man Produkte designen kann, um solches Verhalten zu triggern. Im Ergebnis davon steigern Produkt-Owner die Metrik “Customer Engagement” um den Preis, dass Jugendliche wie Abhängige vor Ihren Mobiltelefonen hängen um mehr Herzchen oder Schlumpfbeeren zu bekommen.

Arte strahlt gerade eine Miniserie darüber aus, wie diese Silicon Valley Apps süchtig machendes Verhalten für Ihre Zwecke nutzen und zufällige, kleine Belohnungen an Ihre Benutzer ausgeben. Die Serie nennt sich Dopamin, und ist damit nach dem Hormon benannt, das dafür sorgt, dass wir immer mehr wollen. Die 8 Folgen widmen sich 8 verschiedenen Apps und sind jeweils 8 Minuten lang:

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The most advanced MySQL raytracer on the market right now.

Raytracing with MySQL

WTF of the day. The most advanced MySQL raytracer on the market right now. A raytracer, written in a single SELECT statment, that MySQL is able to process into an image. Pure Demoscene spirit here, whatever it is, make it run an animation or raytrace some spheres, something beautiful it was not meant to produce in first place.

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SAP Sets Course with Next-Generation Leadership Team

This morning, SAP’s Bill McDermott announced he would be stepping down as CEO of the company. Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein would follow as co-CEOs, with a handover period until end of this year. Jennifer and Christian are the youngest CEOs and will certainly drive forward the companies transformation. This is the official announcement:

Bill McDermott, Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein
Bill McDermott, Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein

Bill McDermott is stepping down as CEO of SAP. SAP Executive Board Members Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein have been appointed co-CEOs. Read the news.

Source: SAP Sets Course with Next-Generation Leadership Team | SAP News

macOS Catalina: Update Probleme

Mein Haupt-Macbook Pro von 2014 ist von der Problematik betroffen. Wer bis jetzt noch nicht ge-updated hat, will vielleicht noch ein paar Tage warten.

Zu macOS Catalina laufen hier weiterhin zahlreiche Fehlerberichte ein, sodass wir damit rechnen, dass Apple zeitnah ein erstes Update für das neue Mac-Betriebssystem veröffentlichen wird. Unter den gemeldeten Problemen findet sich viel „Kleinkram“, allerdings machen auch drei bisher nicht gelöste, größere Unstimmigkeiten Benutzern zu schaffen. In seltenen Fällen kommt es dabei auch zu Totalausfällen der […]

Source: macOS Catalina: Update läuft nicht für alle Nutzer glatt ›

Kong acquires Insomnia

Kong, a vendor of cloud native Microservice and API Gateway Software and Services, acquires Insomnia. Goal of the acquisition is offer new api testing capabilities, that Kong plans to turn into an end to end API lifecycle management product.