• Agile Theatre

    Did you ever work in waterfall managed projects? Coming to a company that introduced agile just recently, chances are you will recognise plenty of behavioural patterns. Playing the waterfall game to pretend to be agile is called an agile theatre.

  • Datenreichtum

    Datenreichtum bei Flexbooker, 3.7 Millionen Benutzer betroffen.

  • No Escape from Telephones

    No Escape from Telephones

    No Escape from Telephones: In 1953, a Telephone-Company Executive Predicts the Rise of Modern Smartphones and Video Calls. Given this predates a time in which regular telephones were scarce and not easily available, this is a pretty bold prediction. How right Mark R. Sullivan was. We live in the age of the smartphone, which took […]

  • Experience Conflict

    Canon Printer by @pikelet

    Experience Conflict. Of course one needs to ask to learn how customers feel or use a product to improve. Sometimes these needs and goals are conflicting and easy to mess up the experience.

  • More Internet Technology Predictions

    look here

    More Internet Technology Predictions. You’ll be surprised by one particular prediction, number 5 in the article.

  • Mobility Features

    Hupen und Blinken

    Die Automobilbranche schaut ja schon länger auf die Erfolgsstories der Softwareindustrie. Mieten statt kaufen, monatliche Einnahmen statt einmaliger Kosten. Für die Standheizung nur im Winter bezahlen zu müssen scheint dem ein- oder anderen Kunden ja auch noch nachvollziehbar zu sein. Wie der Benutzer @_uni_corn_ auf Twitter berichtet, kann es allerdings sein, dass Skoda den Ansatz […]