Snyk Acquires FossID

FossID is a software composition analysis tool that scans code for open source licenses and vulnerabilities. It is the third acquisition by Snyk in the past 6 months.

FossID, a software composition analysis tool that scans code for open source licenses and vulnerabilities

Source: Snyk Acquires FossID to Accelerate Worldwide Developer-First Security Adoption | Snyk

Tiny, wireless, injectable chips

Tiny, wireless, injectable chips use ultrasound to monitor body processes

Those who follow regularly will know that innovation is a popular topic in my notes. Innovation is the driver of technology and there are many great things yet to come, just waiting to be invented. But FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, this announcement has the worst timing imaginable.

Source: Tiny, wireless, injectable chips use ultrasound to monitor body processes

DataRobot announces Zepl acquisition

Zepl offers a data science and big data platform. The company was founded in 2014 to build a Jupyter like experience, with added collaboration capabilities. Today TechCrunch reports it’s acquisition by Boston-based DataRobot.

DataRobot, the Boston-based automated machine learning startup, had a bushel of announcements this morning as it expanded its platform to give technical and nontechnical users alike something new. It also announced it has acquired Zepl, giving it an advanced development environment where data scientists can bring their own code to DataRobot. The two companies did […]

Source: DataRobot expands platform and announces Zepl acquisition | TechCrunch

Nike’s “Play New”

Creative advertising is mostly about tracing attraction. To go viral. Nike tried something a lot of people can probably relate to. To suck at sports. The ad is fun to watch and I definitly feel like this is me. After all, the other goal marketing campaigns aim to address new user groups. This is also play new to grow the share. Now go buy gear.

Nike’s new ad is part of a campaign titled Play New, which emphasises the joy of taking part in sport, even if you’re a bit crap at it

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Source: New Nike ad celebrates being rubbish at sport

New Splunk Observability Cloud

Splunk announced beta availability of their new Observability Cloud at last years .conf20 already. The product became GA this week and offers Infrastructure Monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring, a Log Observer, Real User Monitoring (RUM), Synthetic Monitoring and On-Call for incident response and collaboration:

Image from the announcement

Announcing the new Splunk Observability Cloud, bringing together the world’s best-in-class solutions for infrastructure monitoring, application performance management, digital experience monitoring, synthetic monitoring, log investigation and incident response.

Source: Conquer Complexity at Any Scale With the New Splunk Observability Cloud | Splunk

That makes a total of 3 clouds in Splunk’s portfolio, notes ConstellationR’s Holger Müller:

Does your organization rely on NPS?

NPS is a popular method to measure how an organization or brand is perceived with customers and their satisfaction. The term is short for “Net Promoter Score”, indicating the key thought of the approach: to measure likeliness across the customer base the brand will be recommended further. It’s all boiling down to a single number. If your organization is relying on this number for any decision, you may focus an the wrong issues in business. Today, you may want to read this over NPS:

The Tesla vs Amazon stats that highlight all of NPS’s flaws

Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Elon Musk of Tesla

Let me paint a picture: It’s January 2019, and I’m in the wake of a discussion/debate with some Net Promoter Score (NPS) experts about the rationale for companies investing in NPS.

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Source: The Tesla vs Amazon stats that highlight all of NPS’s flaws | MyCustomer

The Instagram ads Facebook won’t show you

Signal, the company offering secure and private messaging, tried to advertise on Facebook. Naturally, the company tried to drive their value in privacy. They chose to point out the implications Facebook’s businesmodel has for these values.

Apparently Facebook didn’t like the ads.

Signal App Ad.
Signal ad

Source: Signal >> Blog >> The Instagram ads Facebook won’t show you

Der Mann in Merkels Rechner

Hakan Tanriverdi, Datenjournalist und Reporter für Cyber- und IT-Sicherheit beim Bayerischen Rundfunk, hat zusammen mit Florian Flade einen Podcast über CyberSpionage gemacht. Die beiden zeigen dabei auf, wie selbstverständlich Spionage auf diesem Niveau mittlerweile für Regierungen geworden ist.

Das Abo mit Apple Podcasts gibt es direkt hier.

500M LinkedIn Profiles

Just after Facebook lost 500M user profiles to the public Internet, it’s LinkedIn’s turn a week later. Wherever data is collected, data is subject to breach or theft.

Like the Facebook incident earlier this week, the information — including user profile IDs, email addresses and other PII — was scraped from the social-media platform.

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