30 Days to a Better PM – That’s the goal of Product School’s #ProductMonthChallange. A different challenge for the entire month of April. Part of the challenge is to share your intentions on social media – like I do with this writing – but you can also follow Instagram. The challenge will start April 1st. That’s two days from now!

Join us for 30 days of learning, growing, and connecting as product people. Download your calendar for your #ProductMonthChallenge!

From the challenge
#ProductChallengeMonth Schedule

ProductMonthChallenge Week One

Day 1: Share Your Intentions on Social Media
Day 2: Write about where you want to be in 10 years time
Day 3: Take the Ultimate Product Trivia Quiz
Day 4: Try out a new product template
Days 5-7: Read a new PM book

ProductMonthChallenge Week Two

Day 8: Write out your mission statement as a product manager
Day 9: Spend 20 minutes learning a new skill
Day 10: Sign up for a webinar
Day 11: Watch a talk on something that interests you
Days 12-14: Try ‘active rest’

ProductMonthChallenge Week Three

Day 15: How would you improve your favorite product?
Day 16: Shoutout a product leader
Day 17: Watch a talk by your favorite company
Day 18: Try a new tool you’ve never used before
Days 19-21: Spend some time away from screens

ProductMonthChallenge Week Four

Day 22: Watch a talk on something new to you
Day 23: Share an insight you’ve learned
Day 24: Listen to a new podcast
Day 25: Sign up for the next big event
Days 26-28: Write an article/blog post

ProductMonthChallenge The Finish Line

Day 29: Meet a teammate for a coffee
Day 30: Reflect on your 30 days

Source: Product School.com