Contentful valued $3B++

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Contentful, a Content-Management SaaS company, raised another round of financing. With the latest investment the Berlin founded and Headquartered is valued at over $3B.

Contentful locked in a $175 million Series F and a $3 billion-plus valuation as it looks to take advantage of a more digital-first marketplace

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Source: Contentful Hits $3B-Plus Valuation After Tiger Global-Led $175M Round – Crunchbase News

Clubhouse leakt 3,8 Milliarden Telefonnummern

Clubhouse App (source: future

Clubhouse. Das war diese App, die vor einem halben oder ganzen Jahr so unglaublich gehyped worden ist. Man kam nicht rein, das war Invite Only. Man kam nicht von alleine rein, cool waren nur die, die drin waren. Alle in meiner Bubble hatten FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out.

Diesen menschlichen Effekt haben vor 15 Jahren schon Facebook und Google mit seinem Mail Produkt sehr erfolgreich bedient. Das Ergebnis war, dass JEDER unbedingt eine Einladung wollte. Und mit Erhalt der gleichen wirklich äußerst bereitwillig Ihre Adressbücher freigegeben haben.

Für die Experience.

Zwischenzeitlich kann man verbale Ansprachen auch auf Twitter halten und kein Hahn kräht mehr nach Clubhouse.

Trotzdem sind der App jetzt 3,8 Milliarden Telefonnummern weggekommen. Und so wies aussieht seid Ihr auch dabei, wenn Ihr jemanden kennt, der das damals toll fand.


15 facts about #machinelearning

15 cool facts about #machinelearning

Source @ingliguori on Twitter:

Cursed Technology

  .asciz "Hello, world!\n"
  .global _main
_main: mov $0x02000004, %rax
kubeaa: mov $1, %rdi /*
apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  kube2: aa */
  name: nop
  kube5: mov msg@GOTPCREL(%rip), %rsi /*
  replicas: 1
      app: Nop
  kube6: aa */
        app: Nop
    kube3: mov $13, %rdx /*
      - image:
        imagePullPolicy: Always
        name: echoserver
        - containerPort: 8080
    kube4: aa */
      mov   $0x02000001, %rax
      xor   $0, %rdi
From the tweet

Feels kind of stuck in a time loop:
a valid Kubernetes config that is also valid x86 assembly and will print “Hello World” when compiled by an AT&T assembler.

The same yaml also needs 1.21 Gigawatts and accelerate to 88 miles per hour to return to the nineteen seventies.

The small things

The small things
The small things <3

It’s the small things that count. Sometimes events in life are just too overwhelming, in fact so much you can’t even take a photo a day. The past four weeks have been dark days, for the 2nd time this year.

Out of a sudden, things are different, the future is bleak, nothing makes sense anymore.

And then it’s the small things make you come back to a smile.

The twentyone project took a pause. The pause started around June 26th. For a good reason, that I don’t want to disclose publicly. It was a hard hit, to say the least, and to say twentyone is a crap year. However, I feel like I can resume the project starting July 23rd.

Fastly Global CDN Disruption

Fastly is one of the major CDN vendors globally. As a regular consumer you wouldn’t be aware of their service, until a failure hits. Today the service faced a configuration issue, that apparently hit global pages like NYTimes and Bloomberg, but also Amazon, Reddit and Twitter, as reported in multiple sources. The issue is reported resolved by the vendor as of this writing. Details on their status page:

Fastly’s Status Page – Global CDN Disruption.

Source: Fastly Status – Global CDN Disruption