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  • Nobody Wants to Work Anymore

    Remember the great resignation? It’s a tradition!

  • This isn‘t scary

    This is entirely fine. It‘s a success story for Boston Dynamics. Probably. Most likely, there is nothing to see here. Move along.

  • WWDC 6502 – World Wide Development of Commodore

    The C64 was the most popular home computer of all time. Imagine the success it could possibly have had with Apple‘s marketing department. @gregnacu on twitter had a vision.

  • #WWDC 06.Jun 2022

    #WWDC 06.Jun 2022

    On Monday Apple opened this years World Wide Developer Conference, WWDC for short. The entire keynote felt encroaching to me, but I failed to grab the feeling while the show was on. Only after I got through notes it became clear to me how many business areas Apple is attacking on their own territory. “Buy […]

  • 2022 on a sign

    After two years of pandemics and three months of war, this sign captures the feeling of the year. Can we all see 2019 once again? via @secevangelism on Twitter:

  • Every concept starts with a con

    Every concept starts with a con

    Every concept starts with a con Solid Product Management Advise Unfortunately I lost the source for this quote and it’s sat in my drafts folder for more than a quarter. Still I felt like I need to write down a few thoughts about it and share it here. Because it’s actually solid advice to any […]

  • Vim, the editor

  • WiFi On/Off

    Es ist vollkommen unklar warum man seine WiFi ausschalten möchte. Als moderner Mensch ist man ohnehin überall online, zur Not hat man ein Gerät mit Mobilfunk in der Tasche um am sozialen online Geschehen teilnehmen zu können. In dem Hotel am Wochenende gab es jedenfalls die Möglichkeit WiFi auszuschalten. Leider ist auf der Beschriftung nicht […]

  • Musk puts Twitter-Acquisition on hold.

    Elon musk announced – on Twitter – the deal is put on hold. The entire story becomes an endless drama, keeping the company in the news and investors on distance. The entire acquisition plan didn’t make economic sense for the Tesla and SpaceX founder in first place, now the hold is a disaster for the […]

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