IETF93 DOTS Recording

Recording from the IETF “DDoS Open Threat Signaling” (DOTS) Working Group meeting during IETF93, taking place July 19-24 in Prague. The agenda of the WG is to develop a standards
based approach for the realtime signaling of DDoS related telemetry and threat handling requests and data between elements concerned with DDoS attack detection, classification, traceback, and mitigation.

Quelle: Watch Recording: IETF93 DOTS (chapter 1)

Chip Fingerprinting Scheme Could Secure IoT Devices Against Malware

Chip Fingerprinting Scheme Could Secure IoT Devices Against Malware.

Security in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT) is an area that is expanding, along with the growth of IoT itself. Fingerprinting schemes are an approach that didn’t go along with malware prevention in traditional computing, but IoT use cases may benefit from a combination.

via IEEE Spectrum.

Register now for the IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership conference (IEEE WIE-ILC).

The conference is to be held 23-25 April 2015 in San Jose, California, USA. With a theme of Lead Beyond: Accelerating Innovative Women Who Change the World, the conference focuses on leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.


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Having participated in the IEEE Volunteer Leadership Training (VLT) was a great experience. The program was comprised from more than 20 sessions, covering IEEE Bylaws, Publications, Affinity Groups, Educational Activities, MGA and other relevant topics.

In a class with 32 graduates from 19 countries across all continents was a unique opportunity to make new friends!

Special thanks for running the program has to go to Maria Schneider, Cheryl Sinauskas, Loretta Arellano (Chair), Scott Tamashiro, and Ali Abedi

Volunteer Leadership Training 2014
Volunteer Leadership Training 2014

IEEE Summit on Internet Governance #IEEEIGSummit

A few impressions from the IEEE Summit on Internet Governance. Simon Pugh attended as photographer and published more impressions at Flickr.

Videos of the event are available at the website. Twitter has the event under #ieeeigsummit.

At the end of the panel on the future of Internet Governance, asked for a perspective, Mark Raymond summed up the perspective ahead: “A long string of innovative and surprising ways to fail.”. Since Internet with all it’s cultural and societal relevance is considerably young, that statement nails the situation and work to be done ahead. And it underlines the importance of bringing together policy makers with academia and industry, to have an unbiased, open discussion. IEEE is the right platform to add unbiased, technical expertise to such discussions.

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