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  • The History Of Giving Someone The Middle Finger 

    The History Of Giving Someone The Middle Finger 

    Eine Geste, die wir alle kennen. Und noch dazu eine sehr schöne, im Zwischenmenschlichen Verhältnis, wie ich meine. Weird History hat sich in dem gleichnamigen Youtube-Kanal die Mühe gemacht, der Geschichte des Finger-Zeichens einmal nachzugehen. Let’s set the scene. You’re livid, you want to scream at someone. But for some reason, you can’t speak. What […]

  • VR Microphone to preserve privacy

    The Metaverse is uncharted land. A big bet for many. Because it opens up so many new opportunities, that lie in the virtual and the physical world. MuTalk is concerned about your voice in public. With goggles on, it’s impossible to note who’s around you. Anything expressed in such a setting can end a leak […]

  • welle: erdball – Drogenexzess im Musikexpress

    Irgendwie verfolgt mich Welle:Erdball gefühlt schon mein ganzes Leben, obwohl die Formation nie richtig Mittelpunkt meiner Aufmerksamkeit war. Zum ersten Mal wahrgenommen habe ich die deutschsprachige Elektropop-Band bei einer meiner ersten Demoparties. Das muss ca. 1997 gewesen sein, Mekka Symposium in Fallingbostel bei Hannover. Dem Publikum habe ich das Duo kulturell sehr nahe bzw. sogar […]

  • Twitter. Since the 140s.

    Dan Schkade has been around on Twitter. Since the 140s. He knows the game. Inside Out. And he shares his experience in this quick twitter detective cartoon.

  • WWDC 6502 – World Wide Development of Commodore

    The C64 was the most popular home computer of all time. Imagine the success it could possibly have had with Apple‘s marketing department. @gregnacu on twitter had a vision.

  • 2022 on a sign

    After two years of pandemics and three months of war, this sign captures the feeling of the year. Can we all see 2019 once again? via @secevangelism on Twitter:

  • Vim, the editor

  • How do consumers feel about the metaverse?

    The Metaverse is a hyped place for a while now. The company formally known as Facebook made the Metaverse its single purpose, with such dedication it even changed it name. With web3 and blockchain and NFTs the Metaverse penetrates all aspects of online (and offline) life. Still, many consumers ask themselves, what tf is the […]

  • Sequel Injection

    Sequel Injection

    Who called it a booster shot and not a sequel injection.

  • No Escape from Telephones

    No Escape from Telephones

    No Escape from Telephones: In 1953, a Telephone-Company Executive Predicts the Rise of Modern Smartphones and Video Calls. Given this predates a time in which regular telephones were scarce and not easily available, this is a pretty bold prediction. How right Mark R. Sullivan was. We live in the age of the smartphone, which took […]