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  • 42% Would Rather Clean A Toilet Than Call Customer Support

    It’s been more than four years since I read a stat put out by Aspect that prompted me to write about this very subject, the choice of cleaning a toilet or contacting customer support. Quote from Article We all know the feeling. Shep Hyken, contributer to Forbes Magazine, did a survey among a thousand customers/consumers. […]

  • Innovation makes things smaller

    Mobility is an increasingly complex matter to society.

  • Kaufland blendet Werbung in Autos ein

    Supermarktkette Kaufland hat in einer Pressemitteilung bekanntgegeben, über die Point-of-Interest-Suche in Auto-Navigationssystemen Werbehinweise einblenden zu wollen. Das Vorhaben wird zusammen mit SAP.iO Alumni 4.Screen realisiert. Source: Pressemitteilung | Kaufland

  • The Japanese man who gets paid to do nothing

    A “Dream Job”, writes Reuters. The report has it the man actually charges for doing nothing, making it a real job. Shoji Morimoto has what some would see as a dream job: he gets paid to do pretty much nothing. From the article The service comes at ¥10.000, about 70€, per hour and gives the […]

  • A little over 50 Euros are acceptable

    The 9-Euro Ticket was considered experimental in first place. And still deemed to become a huge success in Germany. At the price-point, the ticket was unbeatable and created lots of debates about the future of mobility in the country. First research showed accessible public transport can lay grounds for a modal shift in the population. […]

  • Patents are for the weak

    Jay Leno visited SpaceX to interview Elon Musk. The quick trailer on Jay Lenos Twitter channel shows them debating Raptor Engines, used in SpaceX’s rockets. In the converation, Elon Musk takes a hot take on patents. He claims the company ain’t using the mechanism, that won’t help progressing anywhere. His take is patents are meant […]

  • #WWDC 06.Jun 2022

    #WWDC 06.Jun 2022

    On Monday Apple opened this years World Wide Developer Conference, WWDC for short. The entire keynote felt encroaching to me, but I failed to grab the feeling while the show was on. Only after I got through notes it became clear to me how many business areas Apple is attacking on their own territory. “Buy […]

  • Musk puts Twitter-Acquisition on hold.

    Elon musk announced – on Twitter – the deal is put on hold. The entire story becomes an endless drama, keeping the company in the news and investors on distance. The entire acquisition plan didn’t make economic sense for the Tesla and SpaceX founder in first place, now the hold is a disaster for the […]

  • How do consumers feel about the metaverse?

    The Metaverse is a hyped place for a while now. The company formally known as Facebook made the Metaverse its single purpose, with such dedication it even changed it name. With web3 and blockchain and NFTs the Metaverse penetrates all aspects of online (and offline) life. Still, many consumers ask themselves, what tf is the […]

  • On this day, 10 years ago, Facebook acquires Instagram

    We all remember how Facebook acquired Instagram for a whole billion of Dollars. An incredible amount for a Internet Service at the time it happened. Of course the event was debated controversial. Still, it is one of the biggest success stories of Big Tech. Instagram is a photo service in a sea of other photo […]