Totango raises $100M Funding

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Totango has raised $100 million in a round led by Great Hill Partners. The Redwood City, California based company was has raised almost $150 million, according to Crunchbase, making this the biggest investment yet.

There’s a lot we can do with $100M, continuing to invest in our product innovation, scale our platform and team and work toward our mission

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Yes. eMail is still a favourite topic of mine. Years later, it’s still the one single medium, that allows communicating across organisational boundaries. It’s still the one medium that allows to reach out to random people, e.g. for marketing. Despite the difficulties GDPR introduced for marketeers in 2018, driving a lot of marketing to proprietary, US-American platforms. Inside corporate, it’s still the one single medium that allows to make sure your manager is informed with communication between otherwise colleagues. (About the good climate, obviously.)



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It’s true, though. Consultants managed to ruin their reputation in the past 2 decades. Once, Business Consultant meant seasoned, experienced business leaders. Nowadays, it’s too often junior university graduates, that senior management uses as an excuse to drive an agenda through political cliffs.

Having been on both sides of this table, it feels just too natural or even tempting not to cash out on management needs to make an argument.

Good CX? Look no further than mobile authentication

The pandemic has uprooted life for everyone, from distributors to sellers to consumers; and with this change in the economy, a heavier dependence on digitalization has formed. Businesses across industries have placed a concentrated effort on transforming their digital presence to meet the growing needs of hungry consumers accustomed to instant gratification.

Source: Good CX? Look no further than mobile authentication

Apple may have to work alone on its electric car after failing to find a partner

The Apple-Car has been a rumor for years. And mobility is one of the hottest bets for the future. Car manufacturers, in particular premium brands, are in a good position to defend their pool position. The news therefore does not sound surprising. At all.


Some Apple gossip is pure fantasy, but some of the hearsay has roots in the real world. The Apple car falls into the latter category, and if a new report from Korean site is accurate, the company now plans to shoulder the entire development process of the autonomous and/or electric car on its own.


Sixt, Mobileye and Nio announce autonomous Taxis

Sixt announced this on their official LinkedIn Profile earlier today. Traditional news outlets like Focus are picking up the news. The announcement was made at the Internationale Automobilausstellung (IAA)

Movie Car (Source: FOCUS Online)

Autonom unterwegs, das war bisher etwas für Menschen, die im gemütlichen Zuckeltempo vom Bahnhof Bad Birnbach zum Ortskern wollen. Oder in der Hamburger Hafencity von einer Straßenecke zur nächsten. Ab 2022 schalten die Intel-Tochter Mobileye, der chinesische Autohersteller Nio und der Autovermieter Sixt in München einen Gang höher: Sie führen echte Robotaxis ein.

Source: FOCUS Online

Apollo Funds Complete Acquisition of Yahoo

Yahoo! was sold again:

Apollo Global Management, Inc. (NYSE: APO) (together with its consolidated subsidiaries, “Apollo”) today (6 September) announced that funds managed by its affiliates (the “Apollo Funds”) have completed the acquisition of Yahoo – formerly Verizon Media – one of the world’s premier global technology and media companies.

Source: Apollo Funds Complete Acquisition of Yahoo