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  • Musk puts Twitter-Acquisition on hold.

    Elon musk announced – on Twitter – the deal is put on hold. The entire story becomes an endless drama, keeping the company in the news and investors on distance. The entire acquisition plan didn’t make economic sense for the Tesla and SpaceX founder in first place, now the hold is a disaster for the Twitter and its previous owners.

  • How do consumers feel about the metaverse?

    The Metaverse is a hyped place for a while now. The company formally known as Facebook made the Metaverse its single purpose, with such dedication it even changed it name. With web3 and blockchain and NFTs the Metaverse penetrates all aspects of online (and offline) life. Still, many consumers ask themselves, what tf is the Metaverse in first place. Digiday attaches a few numbers to that feeling.

    Source: In Graphic Detail: How do consumers really feel about the metaverse? – Digiday

  • On this day, 10 years ago, Facebook acquires Instagram

    We all remember how Facebook acquired Instagram for a whole billion of Dollars. An incredible amount for a Internet Service at the time it happened. Of course the event was debated controversial. Still, it is one of the biggest success stories of Big Tech.

    Facebook Logo

    Instagram is a photo service in a sea of other photo services. Photography has been around on the web in meaningful ways for a long time. Flickr lost out to Facebook in the community stakes, and Instagram is doing great in whatever-the-fuck market it’s in (the share-to-my-twitter-followers market?), but this is not Google acquiring YouTube.
    Bookmark this comment. See you in 2022.

    Hacker News Summary of the Facebook acquisition of Instagram.

    Well, here we are. Ten years later, in 2022. That didn’t age well.

    — via Facebook acquires Instagram

  • Virtual Hollywood

    Only yesterday we ran a show with our Head of Experience Technology to discuss how knowledge work did and will evolve. Of course, most people in this industry only need to have their notebook with them, eventually a good WiFi Connection. Some of the procedures are difficult to comprehend for other industries, in particular those that require physical presence. Shooting a movie, in my imagination, is one of those places that makes it necessary for people to gather, in particular in front of a camera.

    Still, the future of work is coming to Hollywood, too, which I take as a great symbol.

    A film shoot across multiple studios, without any green screens? Thanks to LED walls, decentralized production is now a real possibility.

    via: Virtual production is decentralizing Hollywood – Protocol

  • The Ideal Amount of Time Office for Maximum Engagement

    Employee engagement suffers ever since the pandemic mandated home office for a huge chunk of the workforce. Smart scheduling software company Clockwise surveyed more than 1000 knowledge workers. Results hint at an optimal mix for best possible employee engagement.

    From empiric observation, employee engagement has other factors that weigh heavy. In particular larger organisations with multiple locations face risk to detach employees by organisation. The physical office still needs organisational peers to show the above effect.


    Trying to decide on your hybrid work policy? Read this first.

    from the article

    Source: Here’s the Ideal Amount of Time Employees Should Work in the Office for Maximum Engagement |

  • Facebook allows war posts urging violence against Russian invaders

    Seeing Meta’s Instagram and Facebook platforms to allow users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion is one of the most dystopian news of the past months. The company has been criticised for fueling hatred and hate speech, even with previous policies.

    #deletefacebook #deleteinstagram

    Facebook Logo

    Meta Platforms will allow Facebook and Instagram users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion, according to internal emails seen by Reuters on Thursday, in a temporary change to its hate speech policy.

    Source: Facebook allows war posts urging violence against Russian invaders | Reuters

  • Google Workspace for shadow IT

    All of Google’s products have been designed to be easily accessible. That included Google Docs and the work app bundle that was GSuite.

    Google Campus (from the TechCrunch Article)

    When G Suite became Google Workspace in 2020,as part of a mass reorganisation of the company’s apps for the “future of work”, the company also announced the end of a free edition.

  • Experience Conflict

    Experience Conflict

    Customer Experience will get back customer centricity in 2022. A good way to start the year is with a fnord.

    Of course one needs to ask to learn how customers feel or use a product to improve. Sometimes these needs and goals are conflicting and easy to mess up the experience.

    Printer Survey

    Twitter user @pikelet found this on a Canon printer.

  • Mobility Features

    Mobility Features

    Die Automobilbranche schaut ja schon länger auf die Erfolgsstories der Softwareindustrie. Mieten statt kaufen, monatliche Einnahmen statt einmaliger Kosten. Für die Standheizung nur im Winter bezahlen zu müssen scheint dem ein- oder anderen Kunden ja auch noch nachvollziehbar zu sein. Wie der Benutzer @_uni_corn_ auf Twitter berichtet, kann es allerdings sein, dass Skoda den Ansatz überzieht.

    Ich finde Skoda übertreibt das mit den kostenpflichtigen Zusatzfeatures etwas…

    Originally tweeted by Uni_corn (@_Uni_corn_) on December 26, 2021.

  • Consumer And Customer Experience Trends In 2022

    According to Forbes’ Bernard Marr, here are 8 Trends that will dominate 2022.

    Trends in Customer Experience

    Consumer expectations are shifting all the time, and with the ever-faster digitization of our world, customers want and expect better and different things from companies. Here we look at the top 8 consumer trends for 2022.

    Bernard Marr in Forbes