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  • Effective Teams

    Did that ever happen you or in your team? Did it feel awkward to you? Effective teams are diverse and exchange among each other. The source for their success is that all ideas are equal and the team generates an environment that allows individuals to speak up, fostering exchange among all participants

  • Ikea Smart Light System Flaw

    Security related ‘news’ that have Zigbee based lighting systems as the subject of their research make me feel on Groundhog Day. They show up repeatedly, and their content is about exchangeable, along with the solution. Ladies and Gentlemen, this time it’s Ikea Trådfri that Synopsys found a flaw in. The flaw exploits malformed Zigbee frames. […]

  • Innovation makes things smaller

    Mobility is an increasingly complex matter to society.

  • Künstliche Intelligenz

    Künstliche Intelligenz ist immer noch in aller Munde, weil es Produkte allein durch Anwesenheit besser macht. Gewissermaßen ist kein Produkt vollständig, wenn es nicht irgendwas intelligenter macht als das Vorgängermodell. Und so braucht auch die Kaffeemaschine irgendwas intelligentes, um sich abzuheben. Das aktuelle Gerät von Jura kann sich offenbar merken, was die Benutzer so trinken. […]

  • 911er Dachzelt.

    Man kann mit dem Porsche 911 nun auch campen gehen. Dank des von Porsche Tequipment entwickelten, hergestellten und vertriebenen Dachzeltes. Jedenfalls berichten das einschlägige Motormagazine. Das sortiere ich einmal unter “Produkt” ein, offenbar gibt es dafür eine Marktlücke. Ich dachte, Ihr solltet das wissen. via

  • Every concept starts with a con

    Every concept starts with a con Solid Product Management Advise Unfortunately I lost the source for this quote and it’s sat in my drafts folder for more than a quarter. Still I felt like I need to write down a few thoughts about it and share it here. Because it’s actually solid advice to any […]

  • Agile Theatre

    Did you ever work in waterfall managed projects? Coming to a company that introduced agile just recently, chances are you will recognise plenty of behavioural patterns. Playing the waterfall game to pretend to be agile is called an agile theatre.

  • 6 product management trends

    January is still the month to make predictions for the coming year. I covered a few articles of different areas in other blog posts before, and today its productboard to make predictions for 2022.

  • Product School launches Product Manifesto

  • AWS announces CloudFront Functions

    AWS announced general availability of “CloudFront Functions“. The product allows deploying lightweight functions on the edge of CloudFront’s CDN deployment, bringing logic close to the end user. After CloudFlare initiated a trend with their Workers, AWS is the third major cloud player to enter the space with this offering. The purpose of such an architecture […]