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K2, over dinner: “I want to have a huge pile of wood in front of my window!”

Me: “Why would you want to have a huge pile of wood in front of your window?”

K2: “So everybody who needs some wood can take some!”

He’s definitely going to be a Product Manager some day.

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Implementing feedback into our work culture

Healthy organizations are places in which feedback is encouraged, even if it’s about issues that are not easy to hear. How does this work?

Source: Implementing feedback into our work culture

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Product Management Predictions

Product Management Predictions: With January already over, it’s a bit late for annual forecasts. But then again, looking into the future is a secret superpower every Product Manager should look to develop. Therefore, it’s never too late to have an understanding of what comes up next. Mason Adair of Digital Product People did so for the profession itself.

Product Management Predictions for 2020

Ten Wild Predictions, One True Story and some Solid Career Advice

From the article

Just like the industry is changing. And the article makes an effort to put into relation the different aspects Product Management has. Mason starts his thoughts by looking into public available metrics that indicate the importance and projected relevance related to management of products. In this analysis, related topics range from Agile, Minimum Viable Product, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Product Market Fit, Rice Prioritisation and Net Promoter Score all the way to Jira, Trello and Asana. With an analysis of how relevance for these topics changed over time, the article goes into setting the scenes for professional trends that influenced the past years. These include economic environment, the introduction of new technology, a demographic shift, increasing societal fragmentation and climatic change.

Product Management Predictions shape the conclusion in his article: 10 wild predictions I believe are not that wild. The top most prediction, Product arriving at the C-Level, is almost no prediction anymore. Digital companies already have recognised the importance to actively influence direction towards customers.

Read more: The Future of Product Management in the 2020s – Mason Adair – Medium

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Product First Step Feedback

Product First Step Feedback: Having worked in customer facing roles most of my career, I have experienced first hand how important it is for clients to get quick impressions of a product. Opportunities to leave that impression are often limited.

The other night, a colleague argued most products don’t even need a UI. And a UI won’t even be necessary for products that aim at developers as their audience. It may be unnecessary for specific, complex products. And in general, I won’t disagree. Such products exist and still require a good first impression. Browsing open source directories at Github, popular projects come with good documentation. A that comes with building and running instruction.

GitHub - Product Feedback

In the IaaS/PaaS/SaaS world, popular tools come with first step tutorials. Quick tours to get potential users started in minutes. Google apparently made this a release requirement, since virtually all products ship with a “Get Started in 5 Minutes” section to start with.

When I came into the product management role, I was a strong proponent of UI driven products. In hindsight, this believe was driven by the pure marketing thought of it. A UI shows better at trade fair booths than a terminal.

With more technical products, the readme is the last resort. And with that, an opportunity to gather feedback is gone. The UI can implement tracking and analysis to build a feedback channel for Product Managers to understand how the new feature actually is perceived.

In the software, provided it is delivered in source, the first step that could possible send telemetry, is the build process. And to drive adoption, you have to offer the customer a good first impression in documentation, before he can build your component. Should the documentation not deliver on this first step, you lost a customer even before he saw the product. If you are in the situation to receive feedback on this first impression, take that very serious.

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The right perspective

The right perspective: Perspective is important. For Product Managers in particular!

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Team Product Ownership

Team Product Ownership is a desirable property for any scrum team. Age of Product shares a few thoughts on how to encourage teams to think about customers and the product more.

Learn how to encourage product ownership with an initial day-long product mindset workshop for your Scrum team — #Mindset #Productdesign #Productdiscovery

Source: Age of Product

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Product Owner vs. Product Manager

Product Owner vs. Product Manager: Product Management is a challenging role and requires diverse skills. Large organisation often introduce a split between two similar, close roles – Product Ownership and Product Management. Both requires a large set of skills.

Jordan Bergtraum, The Product Mentor, a mentor at The Product Guy, leads a conversation on this split.

Source: The Product Guy.

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The North Star Playbook

The North Star

As a concept, the North Star principle gained a lot of attention in Product Management recently. Amplitude, a vendor of analytics tools, has a guideline to this concept. Their playbook walks product managers, those that want to enter the domain or even those just curious about methods and principles through the ideas. But also sets the scenes for potential applications by walking through exemplary goals to achieve with this approach.

Stapler - The North Star
Stapler (by James Bowe)
Picture unrelated.

The playbook comes in 7 chapters, starting by describing the ideas to apply with the North Star concept. Only after the introduction the playbook enters the practical application of the concept, and with a chapter on product metric checklist checklists, it emphasises the importance of metrics. With this it also stresses the importance of selecting the right metric and not to lose a product in vain. E.g. active users would be the wrong metric, given the goal that shall be achieved.

More practical guidelines come with the chapter on running workshops in part 3, and the chapter on defining the right guiding metrics. In between, the document also gives success stories: there are sections that talk through a successful implementation of North Star at Netflix. But also Amplitude is leveraging the methodology and shares their experience in a section.

The closing chapters dedicate to debugging the processes attached, implementing them and over time changing directions.


In all the recent hype around the method, the key take away is to simplify ideas for your organisation. The approach is supposed to make it easy for your teams to understand the direction the product is taking. And even more following this direction. For a product management, communicating ideas should be a core skill. This approach gives great tools in doing so.

The guide to discovering your product’s North Star to improve the way you manage and build products.

from the Amplitude Playbook

Source: AmplitudeThe North Star Playbook

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Mac Pro: Bis zu 62.568,00 €

Wie mehrere Quellen heute berichtet haben, ist der erst neuerlich verfĂŒgbare Mac Pro in der höchsten Ausbaustufe teurer als ein Tesla Model 3 in der “Performance” Ausbaustufe. Apple ist nicht dafĂŒr bekannt, billige Hardware zu produzieren, aber 62.568,00 € sind selbst fĂŒr die bekannten VerhĂ€ltnisse beeindruckend.

Man bekommt dann fĂŒr den Preis immerhin:

  • 2,5 GHz 28‑Core Intel Xeon W Prozessor, Turbo Boost bis zu 4,4 GHz
  • 1,5 TB (12 x 128 GB) DDR4 ECC Arbeitsspeicher
  • Zwei Radeon Pro Vega II Duo mit jeweils 2 x 32 GB HBM2 Grafikspeicher
  • 4 TB SSD Speicher
  • Apple Afterburner Karte
  • Edelstahlrahmen mit Rollen
  • Magic Mouse 2 + Magic Trackpad 2
  • Magic Keyboard mit Ziffernblock – Deutsch

allerdings keinen Monitor. Aber dafĂŒr wird eine 8TB SSD spĂ€ter noch verfĂŒgbar gemacht werden.