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  • Contentful valued $3B++

    Contentful, a Content-Management SaaS company, raised another round of financing. With the latest investment the Berlin founded and Headquartered is valued at over $3B. Contentful locked in a $175 million Series F and a $3 billion-plus valuation as it looks to take advantage of a more digital-first marketplace From Crunchbase Source: Contentful Hits $3B-Plus Valuation […]

  • 15 facts about #machinelearning

    Source @ingliguori on Twitter:

  • Is anyone here using Azure?

    Are you using Azure? A newly published Hyper-V bug could possibly crash ‘big portions of Azure cloud infrastructure’. Security researchers have posted proof of concept code that exploits a recently patched vulnerability in Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisor. The bug enables code in the guest to crash the host, and in some circumstances compromise the host’s security. […]

  • Google Data Cloud Summit – Recap

    Google’s Data Cloud Summit took place May 26th, 18PT. The summit is home to their big data products and offerings, that aim to help customers succeed in data driven businesses. Here is a summary of news and announcements: Dataplex, an intelligent data fabric. The product allows management of data across multiple sources, including data lakes, […]

  • Multiplayer Doom on Cloudflare Workers

    “Does it run Doom?” is the ultimate nerd test for technology. CloudFlare passed today running multiplayer Doom on their edge worker network: So, if a developer wants to run their next hit, say a real-time multiplayer game, using nothing but their app and Workers, without any servers or traditional infrastructure, can they? Let’s prove they […]

  • New Splunk Observability Cloud

    Splunk announced beta availability of their new Observability Cloud at last years .conf20 already. The product became GA this week and offers Infrastructure Monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring, a Log Observer, Real User Monitoring (RUM), Synthetic Monitoring and On-Call for incident response and collaboration: Announcing the new Splunk Observability Cloud, bringing together the world’s best-in-class solutions […]

  • Switch Boot

    Hack of the day: A physical switch to chose which OS your PC boots

  • Python 3.10 in Beta

    New Features include: Parenthesized context managers Better error messages New IndentationErrors and NameErrors Exception The implementation of PEP626 and PEP634: Precise line numbers for debugging and other tools Structural Pattern Matching (“Match/Case” Statement) Improvements for Type Hints The full changelog.

  • Have a bad day in IT?

    Read this, then: This is exactly why people matter, knowledge is important, backups are essential and documentation key. Safety and Security are not exclusively about the bad guys. #monday

  • Django Model-Owner

    The option to make a model owned by a user is actually documented for the Django Admin app. However, for reference, here are the steps: First, the model you want to have an owner needs to reference “User” as a foreign key: (in class Website(models.Model): submitted_by = models.ForeignKey(User, on_delete=models.CASCADE) url = models.URLField() Provided you […]