International Space Station

Redditor johnkphotos took a photo of the International Space Station passing Full Moon.

Warum das neue Jahr am 1.Januar anfängt

Warum das neue Jahr am 1.Januar anfängt

Florian Aigner erklärt das mal in einem kurzen Twitter-Thread:

Day 4

Impressions from #36C3 – Day 4

Day 1 at the 36C3 in Leipzig

Day 1 – 36C3

After having traveled for a few hours, we missed the opening ceremony but still had a few good first impressions. Here are a few notes from what I managed to see so far at Day 1 at the 36C3 in Leipzig:

Large Hadron Collider - Infrastructure
Large Hadron Collider – Infrastructure Talk at 36C3

16:10 The Large Hadron Collider Infrastructure Talk
Sev and Thasti give an insight into how the Large Hedron Collider at CERN works. LHC is a particle collider that measures about 27km in diameter and requires – if I got the two speakers right – 450kV of current off the French electricity grid. The particle beam produces enough energy to melt 1000kg of copper, when turned on.

David Graeber: From Managerial Feudalism to the Revolt of the Caring Classes
From Managerial Feudalism to the Revolt of the Caring Classes

17:30 From Managerial Feudalism to the Revolt of the Caring Classes: David Graeber, author of Debt: The First 5000 Years and Bullshit Jobs is talking about how the caring classes, e.g. health and education, are becoming increasingly less appreciated and how administration is on the rise.
Link to Lecture.

21:00 What the world can learn form Hong Kong.
Katharin Tai talks about backgrounds of the Hong Kong protests and explains the 5 demands of protestors. The clarity helps the movement keep their momentum and stand against government. She also gives insights into strategies to cope with police and organisation of the protests, that are ongoing for months now. So is “Be water”, a phrase apparently inspired by Bruce Lee, a tactic to organise flash mob type protests. Plenty of these ideas are reflected in Hong Kong Protest Art, that Katharin Tai also covered in her talk.

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11 Last-Minute-Geschenke

Für alle, für die Weihnachten wieder einmal überraschend kam, die ein Leben on the Edge führen wollen, oder einfach von der Innenstadt in dem Zustand überfordert sind, hat der Postillon eine praktische Hilfestellung: 11 Geschenkideen für den Vormittag des 24. Dezember.


Man kennt das ja. Da glaubt man, man hätte alle Weihnachtsgeschenke beisammen, da fällt einem im letzten Moment auf, dass man Tante Hildegard, Cousin Kevin oder den Ehepartner völlig vergessen hat. Doch verzagen Sie nicht! Der Postillon hat 11 Geschenkideen gesammelt, die Ihnen den Arsch retten, sofern Ihnen nicht 12 Geschenke fehlen:

Der Postillion

Source: Der Postillon: 11 Last-Minute-Geschenke, die Sie jetzt noch schnell improvisieren können

In memoriam of Chuck Peddle

In memoriam of Chuck Peddle: His processor device powered the C64, the Apple I, the Atari 2600 and the tamagotchi. These products changed a generation.

MOS 6502 - In memoriam of Chuck Peddle
650x Processor

In memoriam of Chuck Peddle: Many of us will have started with a C64, that was powered by the 6502 Processor. The device became the most popular home computer, mainly because it was self contained: at the same time it hat all functionality a computer needed, and was still simple enough for everyone to understand.

In it’s popularity, the same 6502 Processor that was sold between 12.5 – 17 million times in shape of a C64 (according to during it’s lifetime was also used in many other devices, including the Apple I, the similarly popular Atari 2600 gaming console, or much later, the Tamagotchi digital pet.

The processor contributed to the transformation of a a whole generation with these devices and became so popular, that even today, creative computer users leverages these devices to produce ‘demos’, that rely on this processor. Until today, in particular the demoscene still produces for computers with this processor, most noteworthy the C64. (again).

In other noteworthy sources, the 6502 has been completely simulated, and among others is available as a visual representation. Visual 6502 allows you to watch and see all of the devices internals, while they are working. The website gives you javascript visual insight into microchip operations, the possibility to play around, stop and step through individual instructions. If you are into this, it gives you the opportunity to understand computing from ground up, without having to tinker with electronics, in your browser.

One of two chip designers, Charles ‘Chuck’ Peddle reportedly passed away this week. Thank you for the great work and rest in peace.

Source: Chuck Peddle 6502 In Memoriam via Slashdot.

5 (Digital) Product Management Skills

It’s a bit like learning to drive a car. Even though you’ll not become a mechanic, you will have to understand how a gearbox works. And the clutch. For managing products, you should bring a minimum understanding of the digital realm. Allan Wintersieck from ‘The Startup‘ explains 5 (Digital) Product Management Skills.

  • How the Internet Works
  • The (very) Basics of Web App Architecture
  • Open Source Libraries vs. Custom Code
  • Technical Debt
  • Automated Testing

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