The colors of future

Sabine Hossenfelder googled images for ‘futuristic’ and found something puzzling. A quick experiment verified her finding. So it seems the future will not be bright but something in black and blue. Somebody really needs to figure out and in particular why the past is more orange.

Math.Round opens printing dialog.

The official bug of the day makes open a printing dialog, just by using Math.Round. Here’s the github issue:

Responses on Twitter are totally appropriate.

Apple’s 2019 WWDC announcements

Good & Quick summary of everything announced at this years WWDC edition. A little bit of everything for everyone.

Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose this morning with a two-and-a-half hour keynote, showing off everything the company has been working on for the past many months. Want to know everything they announced, but don’t have time to watch the whole thing yourself? We’ve wrapped it all up for you […]

Source: TechCrunch

‘Video game addiction’ recognized by WHO

“Gaming Disorder” is something 14 year olds probably are quick to diagnose themselves with. The World Health Organization spent a thought on the problem and recognized an issue there.

The World Health Organization has recognized “gaming disorder” in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-11).
Here’s how to recognize it.

Spoiler: it’s not that easy.

Source: ‘Video game addiction’ officially recognized by the World Health Organization