The KI wins

The Servo to let the KI win
The Servo playing the Dinosaur

The KI wins: A servo and a sensor for the win. There are no fields that are not eaten by software. Now even a computer plays the Offline Dinosaur in Google’s Chrome.

The KI wins

Probably unrelated – Thursday, 02.04.2020

Probably unrelated to Corona
Probably unrelated to Corona

Day 20 of the Corona-Isolation: Probably unrelated to Corona: This morning a washing machine showed up on a patch of gras next to the main street. The place somebody dropped it to is by no means hidden or difficult to reach. It’s right at the entry to a park. Probably unrelated to Corona, though.

daily photo, late, 02.04.2020

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Incredible Machines

Incredible Machines: Grade kam mir Werbung für Makeway in die Timeline gespült. Das Produkt ist eine Murmelbahn als Bausatz. Durch das Video fühle mich ich sehr an Rube Goldberg Maschinen erinnert, obwohl das Prinzip hier viel einfacher ist.

Trotzdem muss ich dem Drang, hier Geld einzuwerfen, gerade sehr widerstehen. Vor allem deshalb, weil ich dann auch einen größeren Kühlschrank anschaffen muss.

Apollo 11 Guidance Computer vs. USB-C

Apollo 11 Guidance Computer vs. USB-C: It could be that USB-C Cables nowadays have more compute capacity than Apollo 11 had on it’s way to the moon. Forrest Heller(?) made an effort to compare the technical specs and put them into perspective.

Rage Against the Machine World Tour

Immerhin 7 Termin in Europa!

Moderne Verkehrsregelung

Während in Berlin ein Wagen voll Handies virtuelle Staus verursacht, dürfen Autofahrer in Mumbai länger an der Ampel stehen, je lauter sie hupen.

City Streets

Draw all streets at once. Probably qualifies as generative art, which exists way too little in this blog. Even though the author has some roots in it.

Subway to space

Whoa, dude. Schöner S-Bahnhof, von dem ich auch mal abfahren wollen würde.