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  • Hollywood starts doing AB-Tests

    Hollywood is doing A/B Testing now, with two editions of “The Batman”. Warner Brothers is Testing two versions of film, in one of which another big DC Character has an appearance: One of these cuts apparently has a high-profile actor appearing. Source: The Batman: WB Testing Two Versions of Film, One With Big DC Character

  • 2021, in a nutshell

    My year 2021, in a nutshell. Thank you Will Santino.

  • max headroom signal intrusion incident day

    November 22nd, 1987. Wikipedia.

  • Perspectives

    Looking at life from a different perspective makes you realize that it’s not the deer that is crossing the road, rather it’s the road that is crossing the forest. Muhammad Ali

  • Amazon acquires Wickr

    Amazon acquires Encrypted Messaging App Wickr. The market for encrypted messaging is still interesting, despite WhatsApp having grabbed the majority of the market a decade ago. Wickr is a popular encrypted messaging platform used by journalists, criminals, governments, and businesses. Source: / Joseph Cox

  • WhatsApp-Chats nicht wirklich geheim

    WhatsApp usually makes it a big thing they introduced end-to-end encryption. It’s a demonstration of how the larger corporate behind the messaging service, Facebook, values privacy and individual freedom of speech. Only, it turns out, messages sent through WhatsApp are not that private as they seem to be. ProPublica found and validate how Facebook can […]

  • Iconic Starship

    SpaceX Starship is ranking pretty high in comparison to other rockets. This picture that Elon Musk tweeted has potential to become a famous poster a century later.

  • Change Notes müssen nicht technisch sein.

    Change Notes müssen nicht technisch sein.

    Seid ehrlich. Niemand liest je die Änderung-Notizen seiner Apps, richtig? Und wenn doch, dann steht da “fixed performance issues”. Oder maximal noch “resolved minor problems.” Aber niemals steht da irgendwas wirklich wichtiges. Nicht so bei Slack. Slack liebt euch.

  • Cursed Technology

    Feels kind of stuck in a time loop: a valid Kubernetes config that is also valid x86 assembly and will print “Hello World” when compiled by an AT&T assembler. The same yaml also needs 1.21 Gigawatts and accelerate to 88 miles per hour to return to the nineteen seventies.

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