Celery Worker wide configuration

Celery is a distributed task execution environment for Python. While the emphasis is on distributed in this software, the concept of having workers allows for settings beyond the individual task. While the first rule of optimisation is “don’t”, sharing database connections is a low hanging fruit in most cases. And this can be configured per worker with Celery […]


Box-256 is a browser game where you need to solve small tasks, e.g. let a program draw a square, in your browser. Through writing assebly. Since I wrote quite a bit assembly throughout my career, I thought this is interesting. Still, I failed at level one. Mostly because of impatience. Source: BOX-256 – Tiny game about writing assembly to […]

Münchner Webwoche

Die Münchner WebWoche des Isarnetz findet dieses Jahr vom 13.Juni.15 bis zum 21.Juni.15 statt. Erste Veranstaltungen sind im zugehörigen Kalender zu finden. Anstehende Events » Münchner Webwoche. via And so it begins… Erste richtig spannende Veranstaltungen der #mww15 stehen fest http://t.co/jnXEI8LO9i – much more to come! — Münchner Webwoche (@isarnetz) March 31, 2015