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Slack partners with Amazon

All of Amazon’s AWS employees will now use Slack

The market for collaboration tool has been sparked by Slack a few years ago. It has been subject to heavy fights since. Microsoft Teams not only entered the market but overtook the early mover quickly. The fight escalated perceivably when Slack accused Microsoft of ripping off its ads in late 2019.

AWS and Slack recently announced a partnership, indicating how hot the market apparently still is. With these two heavyweights in the ring, expect some movement in the space.

Source: The Verge

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Bella Ciao Ismir

Hacker hacken… Türkische Moscheen und deren Minarette, um auf den Lautsprechern der Einrichtungen “Bella Ciao” anstelle der üblichen Gebete zu spielen.

Dem Nachrichtensender N-TV zu Folge ein Angriff von türkischen Hackern.

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Every Video Call Ever

Since COVID-19 let’s us work from home, we all made our experiences with Videoconferences. The tools make it possible to work from home, yet some still have to get used to the new freedom. We all know the feeling in these conferences, with colleagues listening or not, playing with their pets, kids or Zoom Backgrounds. Toggl, maker of fantastic time tracking software, nails it:

Video Conference Bingo
Video Conference Bingo
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For those bored in isolation, you can now build your own vintage computer. From paper. Following the instructions from Rocky Bergen, an artist and designer. Should work well with kids, too!

C64 Papercraft, by Rocky Bergen

Link: Papercraft.

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Contact tracing.

Health Officials Say ‘No Thanks’ to Contact-Tracing Tech“, titles Wired. In all these recent debates about how to handle Covid-19 going forward, in particular in Germany, it may be worthwhile looking beyond borders.

Later last month, Engadget reported, that Israel stops phone tracing to enforce Corona quaranties. While Israel seemed to look at phone location information, the Wired article suggests multiple US states and cities evaluated the benefit of other contact tracing technology. The result seems to disappoint:

States like New York, California, and Massachusetts, and cities like Baltimore and San Francisco, have looked carefully at cutting-edge contact-tracing solutions and largely said, “No thanks,” or “Not now.”

via wired.

Foreign perspective is an interesting one, too. Foreign Policy titles “Germany’s Angst Is Killing Its Coronavirus Tracing App“. Which, after all, may be the exact outcome.


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Tag der Arbeit

Starnberger See

Tag 50 der Corona-Isolation – Sport ist weiterhin erlaubt. Den Tag der Arbeit ganz ohne Arbeit am Strand des Starnberger See verbracht, mit dem Rennrad dorthin. Während Bayern erst vergangenen Donnerstag eine Verlängerung der Ausgangsbeschränkung angekündigt hat, stellt sich deutlich eine Sehnsucht nach Normalität her. Trotz aller Notwendigkeit, die Situation in den Griff zu bekommen.

daily photolateCorona, 01.05.2020

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Schneier on Corona Tracing

Bruce Schneier, well known cryptologist and security researcher, has a few thoughts on corona tracing apps on his blog. Spoiler: he doesn’t like the idea.

His article is revolving around efficiency much more than privacy, concluding that such apps won’t work in the first place.

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CloudFlare extends to China

CloudFlare extends it’s presence in China through partnering with JD Cloud & AI. The company is currently present in 17 datacenters in mainland China. Cloudflare maintains a partnership with Baidu, through that recently announced partnership the Cloud vendor can leverage 150 more datacenters and therefore vastly extend it’s footprint in the region.

Source: TechCrunch
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Bike Sharing – 26.04.2020

bike sharing

Mobility Woche hier im Blog. Wo überall Sharing Bikes so rumstehen. Nachdem die Mobilitätsbranche in Deutschland in allen Ihren Ausprägungen stillsteht, stehen auch die Fahrräder in der Gegend rum. Noch mehr als vor COVID-19.

daily photolateCorona, 26.04.2020