Windows gets Linux kernel and terminal

Oh Satya, you are spoiling us. So, with this announcement you'll not be able to purchase a regular PC that doesn't have some *nix on it. Somehow, it's finally the year of Linux on the Desktop. That cold air you feel, that's hell freezing over. Source: Windows 10 gets a legit Linux kernel and a [...] 2019

News Coverage and liveblogs on Google I/O over on TechCrunch, The Verge and Engadget. Most noteworthy, Google released a new, more affordable Pixel 3a, updates to Google Assistant, put more emphasis on security upgrades. In other announcements, Nest Hub has been pronounced the new name for Google Home Hub, along with a bigger 'Max' edition [...]

IntelliCode for AI-assisted now available

Microsoft trained an AI with Github projects that have more than 100 stars on them. The AI is supposed to help coding. And it is available now. AI is not yet there to take a programmers job, but Facebook took similar approaches to speed up development. Be afraid, coding people. Symbolbild (Techcrunch) IntelliCode, Microsoft’s tool [...]

Why Do Companies Need All That Personal Data They’re Collecting?

It's the Tech perspective, but has the potential for a good debate. Under GDPR it's not even compliant and still plenty of companies collect all data they can get hold of. Driven by Big Data vendors telling the narrative of Data Lakes, that only require you the data today, should you want to ask any [...]