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  • Researchers Asked an Advanced AI Whether It Can Be Ethical

    Researchers Asked an Advanced AI Whether It Can Be Ethical

    Here is what happened: (spoiler: No) “AI will never be ethical,” the AI said during the debate. “It is a tool, and like any tool, it is used for good and bad. There is no such thing as a good AI, only good and bad humans.” Source: Researchers Asked an Advanced AI Whether AI Could […]

  • Protect your images from abuse by KI

    From the “Daily Dystopia Department”: Protect your images from abuse by KI. Headlines that’d be absolutely unthinkable only a decade ago don’t seem to be shocking in the year of the pandemic, 2021.

  • German AI-Startup Landscape 2021

    The start-up ecosystem with AI founders is buzzing and it’s difficult to keep an overview. The Initiative for Applied Artificial Intelligence has a comprehensive overview. The 278 most promising German AI startups working across enterprise functions, enterprise intelligence, technology type and industries. Source: German AI-Startup Landscape: 2021 – appliedAI

  • Von Cobol nach Java

    Facebook arbeitet an einer KI, die automatisch Code von einer Programmiersprache in eine andere übersetzen kann. Das Feld ist nicht gänzlich neu, es gab schon Versuche, KI zu verwenden um beispielsweise statische Analyse und damit Code-Qualität zu verbessern. Wenn eine Maschine zwischen Code übersetzen kann, werden eine ganze Reihe von Banken jubeln, endlich nicht mehr […]

  • Introducing TensorFlow Recommenders

    TensorFlow, the open-source machine-learning library, introduced a library to make recommendations easier. Recommendations are a crucial component for e-Commerce but also other web-services. Good recommendations help build a better user experience and drive customer engagement. The more time consumers spend on a site, the quicker customers find what they are looking for, the better their […]

  • Magic Email

    It’s not like email has been a perfect solution ever, to start with. In fact, email has been broken for most of its existence. Imagine all the rules and filters you need to stay on top of your inbox. When Internet became popular, soon spam became popular. Email lists were usable only before eternal September […]

  • Internet Powertoy

    Internet of the day. Enjoy the rest of your day. You are welcome. https://pointerpointer.com

  • AI didn’t get smarter.

    AI didn’t get smarter: GPT-3 has gained a lot of online attention in the past couple of weeks. GPT-3 is short for Generative Pretrained Transformer 3, that – in short – produces text. It is a commercial offering from OpenAI, a company to drive forward peacefully usage of artificial intelligence. Among others, Elon Musk is one […]

  • Tesla teardown of Tesla electronics

    Japanese researches looked into a recent Tesla Model 3. Their analysis has some interesting findings over traditional car manufacturing methods. In particular when it comes to electronics, “ECUs” how they’re called in the automotive world, “Electronical Control Units” A regular Toyota or European car relies on dozens or more of these to make the car […]

  • Intel acquires Habana Labs

    Intel acquires Habana Labs: Intel put a heavy bet on Artificial Intelligence today. In a press-release, the company announced the acquisition of Habana Labs, a company founded and based in Caesarea, Israel. The deal was worth “approximately $2 billion”. To push its artificial intelligence strategy, Santa Clara-based Intel has acquired Israel’s Habana Labs for “approximately […]