Privacy in the Platform Economy: In the tracking business, access to the customers desktop was in firm hands of Google and Facebook. Until recently!

SnakeOil promises people security to get them install software that’s capable of eavesdropping ssl and all other access to a computers interaction. Quite obvious to see this is a good source to profile a users behavior. A violation of users privacy for the sake of security. You sure all read the fineprint in the anti virus software, right?

Now apparently, somebody in the SnakeOil industry figured that out. A recent leak disclosed Avast Antivirus leverages their market access to almost hald a billion user profiles and devices to package up this insight. ÔÇťevery searchÔÇŁ that promises ‘Every search. Every click. Every buy. On every site.’. Of course the target audience is the same as for marketing- and tracking clients.

Source: vice.

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Sophos kauft Astaro

Der Britische Antivirensoftware-Hersteller hat vergangene Woche bekanntgegeben, den Deutschen Netzwerksicherheitsspezialisten Astaro in Karlsruhe ├╝bernommen zu haben. Nach Utimaco ist das bereits die zweite ├ťbernahme einer Deutschen Technologiefirma seit 2009. Sophos selbst hat neben der Pressemeldung auch eine FAQ auf Ihren Seiten ver├Âffentlicht.