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Unterstützt uns im Kampf gegen Corona.

Schon gestern konnte man die App wohl herunterladen, aber mit Pressekonferenz angekündigt ist sie erst heute um 10.30 worden. Die App ermöglicht es, künftige Ausbrüche des Virus leichter nachzuvollziehen. Das funktioniert natürlich nur, wenn mehr Leute an der Datenerhebung teilnehmen. Die Architektur der App und der Infrastruktur erlauben es nicht, Bewegungsprofile der Benutzer zu erstellen.

Jetzt die Corona-Warn-App herunterladen und Corona gemeinsam bekämpfen.

Source: Bundesregierung | Unterstützt uns im Kampf gegen Corona.

Der Chaos Computer Club (CCC) vergibt keine Siegel oder Certifikate für die Güte von Software. Aber das Lob des Vereins für den Verantwortungsvollen Umgang der App mit der Ihr anvertrauten Informationen kommt dem sehr Nahe.

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Twitter comes back to the Mac

The new Twitter app will be created using Apple’s Project Catalyst, that lets developers port apps from iOS to the recently announced macOS Version “Catalina”.

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SmartHome recipes for the #IoT with IFTTT

IFTTT has established itself as the central decision making instance from your smart phone between all your data sources and gadgets. So enabling your Smart Home through IFTTT is only a short throught away. CNET has a few ideas for that matter.

Getting connected devices to work together isn’t always as easy as it should be. IFTTT can help your smart home function more smoothly by acting as a translator between the many languages of smart home devices.

via: CNET


‘Rules!’ Is the First Official Apple Watch Game

You cannot even buy it yet, but there is a game!

via ‘Rules!’ Is the First Official Apple Watch Game.

And there is a unicorn!

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Don't aim for disruptive

DisruptiveThe tech industry is optimizing everything around us, disrupting every aspect of social, business or whatsoever. The thought everything will be easier is just so tempting to everybody remotely involved in anything remotely digital. And that’s why so many app-developers, start-ups, evangelists feel inspired by the opportunity. Every new idea needs to be ground breaking, revolutionizing. And that’s why that concept of “disruptive” became so popular, even while interpreted fundamentally wrong by this group of technologists.  Clayton M. Christensen who coined the term, explored development of disk drives and described generational change in the technology, each disrupting the market of the previous generation.Winter Wonder Land However, none of the following generations of disk drives was designed as “disruptive“, but to have advantages over the previous one.