SAP and AWS announce IoT interoperability

Meanwhile, after Microsoft announced their cooperation with SAP in IoT with Leonardo, AWS also announced tighter integration with SAPs business processes.

High Level Architecture


SAP and Microsoft bring IoT data together

The previously announced cooperation shows first results. Particularly in form of Microsofts announcement of having integrated SAP Leonardo into their Azure IoT Hub.

Microsoft and SAP Announce to bring IoT and Business Data together

Source: SAP and Microsoft bring IoT data to the core of the business applications | Blog | Microsoft Azure

Amazon could write books.

Today in dystopian news: Amazon, the book selling department, controlling about 40% of the US book market, collects reading habbits from their sales and Kindle. By now the corporation knows enough about it’s customers it could be generating best selling books. Spookey. And potentially game changing, when machines replace creative professions.

Amazon has the ability to track vast amounts of reader data and use it to change the landscape of American fiction.

Source: Amazon has so much data it could make algorithm-driven fiction — Quartz

The terrifying, hidden reality of Ridiculously Complicated Algorithms

Leseempfehlung: Ein Journalist spricht mit einem anonymen Big Data Engineer/Analyst ĂŒber die KomplexitĂ€t von Algorithmen. Wie erschreckend die AbhĂ€ngigkeit von undurchschaubaren Komponenten geworden ist gegenĂŒber dem Einfluss den Maschinen damit auf unser Leben haben.

Man kann das auch als Laie verstehen, wie ich meine, selbst mein VerstÀndnis von Big Data reicht nur so weit als das als realistisch einzuschÀtzen.

‘I’ll lose my job if anyone knows about this.”There was a long silence which I didn’t dare to break. I had begged to make this meeting happen. And now the person I had long been trying to meet leaned towards me. “Someone is going to go through your book line by line,” he said, “to try to work out who I am.”He’d been a talented researcher, an academic, until his friend started a small technology company. He had joined the company and helped it to grow. It eventually became so big that the company had been acquired by one of the tech giants. And so, then, was he.He was now paid a fortune to help design the algorithms that were central to what the tech giant did. And he had signed solemn legal documents prohibiting him from speaking to me, or to anyone, about his work. But as the

Source: The terrifying, hidden reality of Ridiculously Complicated Algorithms

Economics Has a Math Problem

The field begins to look like others that rely on data.

This is a discussion I had more than a decade back with economy students, as a student of computer science. The argument was much the same and nothing much has changed in the meantime. The difference is more data is available today and can be used much easier, though, which is to Noah Smiths argument.

via: Economics Has a Math Problem – Bloomberg View

Not so big data.

Chris Stucchio hat einen interessanten Punkt bzgl. Big Data. NĂ€mlich, dass Big Data heißt gar nicht Big ist. Nur weil Excel einen Datensatz nicht öffnen kann, heisst das nicht automatisch, dass Big Data Tools – in seinem Aufsatz Hadoop – notwendig sind. Gigabyteweise Daten lassen sich auch anders verarbeiten. Moderne Hardware hat nicht selten mehrere GB an Hauptspeicher. Die GerĂ€te bei Mediamarkt waren vergangenen Samstag alleine mit mindestens 8Gb ausgestattet. Das heisst natĂŒrlich nicht, dass Hadoop oder vergleichbare Tools gar keinen Anwendungsfall hĂ€tten, aber die Use-Cases sind vielleicht anders gelagert, als man auf den ersten Gedanken annimmt.

Quelle: Dont use Hadoop – your data isnt that big – Chris Stucchio

Data and Goliath

Data and Goliath
Data and Goliath

Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World

Bruce Schneier wrote a book about Big Data, mass surveilance and the Internet of Things. Schneier talks about how this effects society and what to do about the increasing datarization of everything we’re doing.

Why monitoring is hard

(and why your vendor will only sell you tools, not solutions)

Internet wiring


Monitoring infrastructure in a meaningful way is important to any IT operations, yet it is hard to realize. Many vendors adress this problem and promise a silver bullet.

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Big Data & das Ende der PrivatsphÀre?

Big Data ist ein Begriff der in der Techwelt erst einmal einen Haufen Daten beschreibt, der mit herkömmlichen Datenbanken nicht mehr ohne weiteres in den Griff zu bekommen ist. In einem grĂ¶ĂŸeren Zusammenhang hat Big Data aber noch ganz andere Konsequenzen. Simone Janson setzt das alles in Ihrem Blog in Zusammenhang.

Studie zeigt, wie Unternehmen Daten sammeln & auswerten können: Big Data & das Ende der PrivatsphÀre?

via B E R U F E B I L D E R | by Simone Janson.