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The recent acquisition of Okta (Auth0) caught my attention. Until last week, I didn’t know Auth0 beyond the libraries they provide for JWT. Upon further investigation, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they are a company that was born in Argentina in 2013 and that their founders are passionate developers (When was the last time you saw a CEO of a $6.5B company pushing his codes to Github and blogging about his hobbyist Arduino projects?

Source: Auth0: Log in to BTP with your social accounts.

Building a SaaS

Jake Levirne, Senior Director of Product Management at Digital Ocean

Building a product is always for a customer. Developing with this fact in mind helps developers turn their love for technology into more relevant results. Jake Levirne explains the approach for very technical products at Digital Ocean in a small series of videos.

Digital Ocean Blog.

Every Video Call Ever

Since COVID-19 let’s us work from home, we all made our experiences with Videoconferences. The tools make it possible to work from home, yet some still have to get used to the new freedom. We all know the feeling in these conferences, with colleagues listening or not, playing with their pets, kids or Zoom Backgrounds. Toggl, maker of fantastic time tracking software, nails it:

Video Conference Bingo
Video Conference Bingo

Get started with Kubernetes (using Python)

Jason Haley wrote a brief tutorial to get the Pythonista started with Kubernetes. Worth reading if you are new to the topic.

Enable Kubernetes in Docker Desktop

So, you know you want to run your application in Kubernetes but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’re getting started but still don’t know what you don’t know. In this blog you’ll walk through how to containerize an application and get it running in Kubernetes.This walk-through assumes you are a developer or at least comfortable with the command line (preferably bash shell).

Source: Get started with Kubernetes (using Python) – Kubernetes

Telekom Tropo RevShare

Gedenken an einem Feiertags-Morgen. Revenue Sharing ist sicher ein Anreiz für Entwickler, die API oder Technologie eines Drittanbieters zu verwenden.

In dem dargestellten Modell sieht der Endbenutzer sich aber mit der Situation konfrontiert, mit dem Drittanbieter unmittelbar in Kontakt treten zu müssen, einen zusätzlichen Account eröffnen oder pflegen zu müssen. Die Akzeptanz für die Applikation kann dadurch sinken.

Proposed Model
Proposed Model

Telekom Tropo RevShare – A product proposal |

Schöner und einfacher für Endkunden ist ein Modell, in dem die Applikation diese Abrechnung übernehmen kann. Für den Benutzer ist das transparenter, weil er unmittelbar sieht wie Gebühren mit der App und seinen Interaktionen zusammenhängen.

Revenue Share Model
Revenue Share Model