#SAP Leadership Announcement

Some huge changes to start the Weekend with at #SAP. As Executive Board Member and President of the Cloud Business Group Robert Enslin decided to step back from his role and pursue an external opportunity,  Jennifer Morgan will succeed him as president of the Cloud Business Group (CBG). Adaire Fox-Martin will assume the role of president […]

Tech for Managers

First, I was excited to see a “Web Technologies for Managers” course exists. Then, I reminded myself how often I rant on the internet that “tech is dead” and all industries get digitized. It’s not too long ago that successful companies required their managers to have an understanding of the business they are in. That […]

What It Takes to Become a Great Product Manager

While doing a bit more research on Product Management, I found Julia Austins thoughts on HBR the topic. She reflects on three primary considerations for the role: Core Competencies, Emotional Intelligence(EQ) and Company Fit.  Her original aritcle is here, the HBR release is here.

Corporate Open Source

One concept that is under active discussion for the past decade or so but constantly being misunderstood. Open Source is often taken as a label for software downloaded from the internet, packages free of charge, components under a particular license filed under “Creative”. Often enough it’s misused for lower quality software, which reality has proven […]

Business jargon we got used to

Everybody hates management-speak and corporate jargon, but here are some terms that people used to think of as horrible jargon that we all got used to. Maybe one day we’ll all be leveraging deliverables without a secon https://youtu.be/8qAA7G3vj4s via: Business jargon we got used to

Travel a lot?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. German airports counted 207.934.803 travelers, in 2014. Out of all included airports in that report, the top 3 busiest airports, Frankfurt (FRA), Munich (MUC) and Düsseldorf (DUS),  are responsible for more than half of all travelers, in total. (121.117.136 Travelers). And the numbers won’t include transit. Now consider the […]

Infografik: Warum Startups scheitern

Sehr schöne Analyse, warum 11 von 12 Startups scheitern. Hauptgrund, schenkt man dieser Analyse Glauben, ist zu frühes Wachstum. Irgendwie kommt aus der Grafik aber nicht raus, ob es für die Idee des gescheiterten Unternehmens überhaupt einen hinreichenden Markt gab oder ob dort nur Geld verbrannt wurde.   via Kaffeepause: Warum Startups scheitern | Gründerszene.

Internet: The winner takes all

Lesebefehl: Der Artikel beginnt damit, Marktgrößen der vorangegangenen Generation, der Pre-Internet Zeit, als Beispiele zu nennen. Konsum-Produkte sind als “Long Tail” leichter durch das Internet als Vertriebskanal zu verkaufen sind und gegenüber den bekannten Marken genauso leicht zu finden sind. Damit sind die Beispiele, die der Autor nennt, schwer zu vergleichen mit Amazon, Google, Apple […]