Every Video Call Ever

Since COVID-19 let’s us work from home, we all made our experiences with Videoconferences. The tools make it possible to work from home, yet some still have to get used to the new freedom. We all know the feeling in these conferences, with colleagues listening or not, playing with their pets, kids or Zoom Backgrounds. Toggl, maker of fantastic time tracking software, nails it:

Video Conference Bingo
Video Conference Bingo

Dilbert nailed it.

Boss: Wally, did you Uberize the slide deck?

Wally: I harmonized it in the cloud.

Boss: Are we ready for a trans-domain kick-off?

Wally: I put a disruptive mesh network in the microservices of the Internet of things.

Boss: Will that be good enough to “ask the fridge” or do I need to start disintermediating?

Wally: It depends on if we have enough bandwidth to growth-hack the analytics.

Boss: I just hope our clicks-and-mortar strategy staircases.

Dilbert: I’m almost certain that was nonsense.

Wally: Sometimes it’s about the journey.

You can’t have more cloud than this.

via: Dilbert Comic Strip on 2015-12-20 | Dilbert by Scott Adams