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  • On this day, 10 years ago, Facebook acquires Instagram

    We all remember how Facebook acquired Instagram for a whole billion of Dollars. An incredible amount for a Internet Service at the time it happened. Of course the event was debated controversial. Still, it is one of the biggest success stories of Big Tech.

    Facebook Logo

    Instagram is a photo service in a sea of other photo services. Photography has been around on the web in meaningful ways for a long time. Flickr lost out to Facebook in the community stakes, and Instagram is doing great in whatever-the-fuck market it’s in (the share-to-my-twitter-followers market?), but this is not Google acquiring YouTube.
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    Hacker News Summary of the Facebook acquisition of Instagram.

    Well, here we are. Ten years later, in 2022. That didn’t age well.

    — via Facebook acquires Instagram

  • Der Zustand des Staatstrojaners.

    Der BND nutzt über einen Zeitraum von 5 Jahren ein Budget von 4 Millionen Euro, um allgemeine Sicherheitslücken auf dem freien, aber schwarzen Markt aufzukaufen. Zielsetzung ist selbstverständlich die Verwertung zum Einsatz von Staatstrojanern. Herrn Mayer zufolge wendet der BND diese Information lediglich gezielt zur Strafverfolgung ein, ignoriert dabei aber die Tatsache, dass die Sicherheitslücke weiterhin auf potentiell Millionen von Geräten weiterhin existiert. Dem ist eigentlich nicht viel hinzuzufügen.

    CSU-Staatssekretär Stephan Mayer versteht die Technologie von Staatstrojanern überhaupt nicht – oder er führt die Öffentlichkeit mit Unwahrheiten in die Irre. Bei “Maybrit Illner” gab der Politiker jedenfalls kein gutes Bild ab.

    Source: Innenstaatssekretär Mayer blamiert sich mit Aussagen zum Staatstrojaner – netzpolitik.org


  • Photos: Graffiti targeting Amazon and Jeff Bezos illustrates animosity toward tech giant in Seattle – GeekWire

    Gegen Amazon wird hierzulande ja immer wieder mal gestreikt. In der Mutterstadt des Konzerns scheint der Protest mittlerweile entschieden tiefer in der Gesellschaft angekommen zu sein. Thematisiert werden dabei nicht alleine die Arbeitsbedingungen, sondern auch die Steuermoral des Internet-Versandhändlers.

    From Capitol Hill to Crown Hill, graffiti targeting the tech giant and the CEO is showing up on sidewalks, the sides of buildings, light poles, bike racks, bridges and even Amazon delivery lockers.

    Source: Photos: Graffiti targeting Amazon and Jeff Bezos illustrates animosity toward tech giant in Seattle – GeekWire

  • The code I’m still ashamed of

    The following came through my timelines a few days back. A guy feels guilty for what he did – as a programmer – when he was young. Basically he built a promotional website for a questionable medicaments. Apparently the drug has side effects of depression and suicidal thoughts. Only after his sister was prescribed the same medicaments, his conscience made him quit what he was doing.

    If you write code for a living, there’s a chance that at some point in your career, someone will ask you to code something a little…

    Source: The code I’m still ashamed of

    Also, the author writes the following:

    As developers, we are often one of the last lines of defense against potentially dangerous and unethical practices.

    It’s a pretty sure bet everybody long enough in the Internet Business has had moments like this before. For myself, there were a few moments, where I saw an ethical border that I didn’t want to cross. As a student, this was porn. As a professional, it was weapons manufacturers.

    Interestingly enough, I even quit two companies for their ambition in IT security. The first pushed datacenter-grade firewalls to small businesses that basically only needed a DSL modem. Through a sales method borrowed from insurance brokers.

    The other one at least had a solid technology, but developed a solid sales pitch relying on the same FUD, that crosses that ethical border.

    Just like with medication, people shouldn’t buy security out of fear, or any other product for that matter. And any technical person should strive for educating customers and not helping sales people create that fear.

  • Schneier on CAs.

    Bruce Schneier comments the CA system is broken.

  • If You Want To Be Rich, Don't Get An MBA