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  • Third-Party API Economy.

    How to Give Your Users Superpowers Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, thrive and give companies an edge for focusing on very specific issues. While the pattern has been around sind the early 2000s, the ecosystem only started to develop this rapidly recently. Only to make an example, Twilio started their service as an API only […]

  • Going all-in on AWS is a recipe for success

    Gousto believes going all-in on AWS is a recipe for success, diginomica writes, and it’s undeniable there is no way around public cloud for digital services & offerings. It’s a pretty steep thesis to build a strategy relying on one particular hyper-scaler to make a business a success. In the end, customers purchase experience and […]

  • Change.

    Yesterday, a software engineer, also new to the organization, roughly told me the following. The way the organisation plans projects is so different to what he is used to as a software engineer. Planning projects with a horizon of 12 or even 24 months is something he says he just cannot wrap his head around. […]

  • The Job Market of 2045

    Interview mit Moshe Vardi,Distinguished Service Professor in Computational Engineering an der Rice University, wie sich der Arbeitsmarkt in den nächsten >30 Jahren verändern wird. Es geht um die sogenannte Automatisierungsdividende. The Job Market of 2045 – IEEE Spectrum.

  • Die digitale SZ

    So ähnlich denke ich ja auch immer, wenn ich die Werbung(!) für die Süddeutsche Zeitung auf dem iPad sehe. Ich lese weiter auf Totholz.

  • Twitter kauft Posterous

    Posterous is Joining the Flock at Twitter (via The Official Posterous Space) vs. Posterous 19 days ago: ‘We have absolutely no plans to sell’ (via thenextweb.com)