Tinuiti snaps up Amazon specialists Ortega

Dive Brief: Tinuiti, a performance marketing agency, acquired Amazon specialist shop Ortega Group, according to a news release . Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Founded in 2013, Ortega is staffed with former Amazon employees — the two companies share a hometown of Seattle — and works with clients including Gerber, Grande Cosmetics, Nulo Pet Food and Pantone.

Source: Tinuiti snaps up Amazon specialists Ortega to meet brands’ e-commerce needs

Introducing TensorFlow Recommenders

TensorFlow, the open-source machine-learning library, introduced a library to make recommendations easier. Recommendations are a crucial component for e-Commerce but also other web-services. Good recommendations help build a better user experience and drive customer engagement. The more time consumers spend on a site, the quicker customers find what they are looking for, the better their satisfaction. Recommendations help achieve this and TensorFlow now makes it easier to improve such functionality.

Introducing TensorFlow Recommenders, a library for building flexible and powerful recommender models.

From the blog.

Source: Introducing TensorFlow Recommenders — The TensorFlow Blog

Have you ever wondered, how websites know how many people look at a particular product? Ophir Harpaz investigated:

Piwik 1.5 released

Nach rund 6 Wochen Entwicklungszeit wurde gestern, am 18. Juni 2011, Piwik 1.5 fertiggestellt. Die neuen Funktionen umfassen:

Piwik 1.5 – RC

Laut Twitter @piwik wird die neue Version 2 neue Features beinhalten:

  • Graphen via HTML5 und <canvas>, anstelle von Flash
  • Automatisches Löschen von Logs nach x Tagen, um die Datenbank klein zu halten

Laut dem Forum, das den Release Candidate von Piwik 1.5 ankündigt, sind weiter folgende Features beschrieben:

  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Custom Logos
  • Verbesserte Custom Variablen (per Page)
  • Inline Help
  • Verbesserungen beim Einsatz von Reverse Proxies

Der Forumeintrag findet sich hier: http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?2,77199