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  • Third-Party API Economy.

    How to Give Your Users Superpowers Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, thrive and give companies an edge for focusing on very specific issues. While the pattern has been around sind the early 2000s, the ecosystem only started to develop this rapidly recently. Only to make an example, Twilio started their service as an API only […]

  • Save ARM

    After nVidia announced their intent to acquire ARM for $40B the other day, ARMs cofounder Hermann Hauser cofounder, today published an open letter to the british prime minister. The letter brings attention to economic implications the deal will bring and appeals to prevent those. To save ARM: https://savearm.co.uk/ Critical voices have expressed their concern over […]

  • Bike Sharing – 26.04.2020

    Mobility Woche hier im Blog. Wo überall Sharing Bikes so rumstehen. Nachdem die Mobilitätsbranche in Deutschland in allen Ihren Ausprägungen stillsteht, stehen auch die Fahrräder in der Gegend rum. Noch mehr als vor COVID-19. daily photo, late, Corona, 26.04.2020

  • Tesla teardown of Tesla electronics

    Japanese researches looked into a recent Tesla Model 3. Their analysis has some interesting findings over traditional car manufacturing methods. In particular when it comes to electronics, “ECUs” how they’re called in the automotive world, “Electronical Control Units” A regular Toyota or European car relies on dozens or more of these to make the car […]

  • Privacy in the Platform Economy

    Privacy in the Platform Economy: In the tracking business, access to the customers desktop was in firm hands of Google and Facebook. Until recently! SnakeOil promises people security to get them install software that’s capable of eavesdropping ssl and all other access to a computers interaction. Quite obvious to see this is a good source […]

  • Paul Krugman on “the Internet’s impact’

    Paul Krugman on “the Internet’s impact’

    Prognosen sind schwierig, besonders wenn sie die Zukunft betreffen.

  • Amazon could write books.

    Today in dystopian news: Amazon, the book selling department, controlling about 40% of the US book market, collects reading habbits from their sales and Kindle. By now the corporation knows enough about it’s customers it could be generating best selling books. Spookey. And potentially game changing, when machines replace creative professions. Amazon has the ability […]

  • Economics Has a Math Problem

    The field begins to look like others that rely on data. This is a discussion I had more than a decade back with economy students, as a student of computer science. The argument was much the same and nothing much has changed in the meantime. The difference is more data is available today and can […]

  • Produktivität.

    In manchen, gerade konservativeren Kreisen wird EDV auch als “Ende der Vernunft” interpretiert. Und wer mit gängiger, gerne auch Cloud-basierter, Office Software arbeitet, kann sofort nachvollziehen, warum die Produktivität sich durch den Einsatz von Computern nicht steigern ließ. Vermutlich ist das aber alles auf die Existenz von Email zurückzuführen. Ganz so, als habe die EDV-Einführung […]

  • Internet: The winner takes all

    Lesebefehl: Der Artikel beginnt damit, Marktgrößen der vorangegangenen Generation, der Pre-Internet Zeit, als Beispiele zu nennen. Konsum-Produkte sind als “Long Tail” leichter durch das Internet als Vertriebskanal zu verkaufen sind und gegenüber den bekannten Marken genauso leicht zu finden sind. Damit sind die Beispiele, die der Autor nennt, schwer zu vergleichen mit Amazon, Google, Apple […]