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  • Apple to invest over 1 billion euros in Germany with new Munich campus

    Apple is going to strengthen their chip design R&D with a major investment in their campus in Munich, Germany. The announcement is huge news for the chip design but also software engineering space, and technology sector in general, but in particular for Munich and Bavaria as a high-tech location. Building on its deep roots in […]

  • Breaking Walls Between Business and Engineering

    All too often, two departments are burried in deep arguments for most of their days. While business, the outbound oriented Product Management department, leads customer conversations and verifies business requirements, engineering is pushing towards a better product. Their goals are not always aligned despite the necessity to build a product together. Overcoming controversial goals can […]

  • Product Management vs Product Ownership

    The organisation that I am part of introduced an overlaying Product Management department only fairly recently, less than a year ago. Early in the time it was exciting to see this role dedicated to market and customer perspective, but it raised questions over how this was different from Product Ownership from day one. Over the […]

  • Lifelong Learning

    Lifelong Learning

    IEEE’s Educational Activities Committee (EAC) invited me for their regular meeting, that happens May 13th and 14th in Porto, Portugal. Me being there is to represent Action for Industry Committee (AfI). On first priority, the attendance is to foster inter-committee cooperation. However, one of the items we’d love to promote to industry, but to everybody else, is that […]

  • 10 Myths of Enterprise Python

    PayPal Engineering Blog: 10 Myths of Enterprise Python. via ycombinator.

  • SoftWare Engineering Body of Knowledge v3

    The Ballot version of the complete SWEBOK Guide V3 has been finalized and is now available. Everyone is invited to read the manuscript and to view the report of collected public review comments and their resolutions. IEEE Computer Society Members Are Invited to Vote to Move Document Forward to Publication via SWEBOK V3 Ballot.