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  • On this day, 10 years ago, Facebook acquires Instagram

    We all remember how Facebook acquired Instagram for a whole billion of Dollars. An incredible amount for a Internet Service at the time it happened. Of course the event was debated controversial. Still, it is one of the biggest success stories of Big Tech.

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    Instagram is a photo service in a sea of other photo services. Photography has been around on the web in meaningful ways for a long time. Flickr lost out to Facebook in the community stakes, and Instagram is doing great in whatever-the-fuck market it’s in (the share-to-my-twitter-followers market?), but this is not Google acquiring YouTube.
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    Hacker News Summary of the Facebook acquisition of Instagram.

    Well, here we are. Ten years later, in 2022. That didn’t age well.

    — via Facebook acquires Instagram

  • Facebook allows war posts urging violence against Russian invaders

    Seeing Meta’s Instagram and Facebook platforms to allow users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion is one of the most dystopian news of the past months. The company has been criticised for fueling hatred and hate speech, even with previous policies.

    #deletefacebook #deleteinstagram

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    Meta Platforms will allow Facebook and Instagram users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion, according to internal emails seen by Reuters on Thursday, in a temporary change to its hate speech policy.

    Source: Facebook allows war posts urging violence against Russian invaders | Reuters

  • Apple hits Facebook

    Facebook complains how Apple’s approach to privacy in iOS will have a substantial impact to their revenue. Following their own statement the impact will be as high as $10 billion for the current year. Facebook’s business model is widely perceived as being based on violating privacy.

    Apple’s privacy feature disrupts the behind-the-scenes mechanics of many mobile ads, especially those that confirm whether a purchase or download was made.

    Source: Facebook says Apple iOS privacy change will result in $10 billion revenue hit this year

  • Privacy on the Net

    Screenshot from the ad

    As advertised by Apple. The company introduced a feature called “App tracking transparency”, that defaults to “do not allow tracking” as of version 14.5, that was released earlier this year. The feature allows device-owners to control which apps can track user behaviour across multiple websites.

    Apple App Tracking Transparency Ad

    Reality is more complex, as always, but it’s still a great ad.

  • The Instagram ads Facebook won’t show you

    Signal, the company offering secure and private messaging, tried to advertise on Facebook. Naturally, the company tried to drive their value in privacy. They chose to point out the implications Facebook’s businesmodel has for these values.

    Apparently Facebook didn’t like the ads.

    Signal App Ad.
    Signal ad

    Source: Signal >> Blog >> The Instagram ads Facebook won’t show you

  • Happy Easter, y‘all

    Facebook leaked sensitive profile information, including 6 million German accounts:

  • Von Cobol nach Java

    Facebook arbeitet an einer KI, die automatisch Code von einer Programmiersprache in eine andere übersetzen kann. Das Feld ist nicht gänzlich neu, es gab schon Versuche, KI zu verwenden um beispielsweise statische Analyse und damit Code-Qualität zu verbessern. Wenn eine Maschine zwischen Code übersetzen kann, werden eine ganze Reihe von Banken jubeln, endlich nicht mehr auf unersetzbare, uralte Cobol Programmierer angewiesen zu sein, die auch noch unfassbare Stundensätze aufrufen.

    Es ist eine Gelegenheit, schwierigere Probleme anzugehen.

  • Facebook threatens to stop operations in EU

    Facebook threatens to stop operations in EU: Not so sure I’d understand it as a threat, if Facebook ceased operations in Europe. Me personally would’ve kicked the information sucking service and timesink to the youth out a while ago. Latest, when it became clear that Facebook is a pool of hatespeak, that nobody can or wants to control, the time should’ve been over.

    However, that’s exactly what they threaten the European Union with. The debate and negotiation started over the ability to transfer personal identifiable information over the Atlantic, to the US.

    Most likely, I’d suspect, EU regulators will fall for the attack and back down.

  • Off Facebook Activity

    Off Facebook Activity is a tool, that let’s Facebook users see which sites they used outside of Facebook. The tool is as creepy as you would think it would be. Facebook, through it’s like buttons and other embeds, has sheer unlimited insight into personal browsing behaviour.

    Facebook Company Logo
    Facebook Company Logo / Wordmark

    In an attempt by the company to create more transparency, it discloses how much curiosity in a negative sense is driving the social network in trying to understand their audience. And actually sell this gained knowledge to their customers.

    The release of Off Facebook Activity a reminder we are living in an increasingly connected world that is watching us. There is entirely no point for any company to collect this type of data outsire of making us a product.

    The Washington Post writes about how creepy and scary this feature is, and even more important, how to work with privacy settings. While the article deals with Facebook internal settings alone, the amout of data transferred to Facebook won’t stop. At this point, you may want to consider personal privacy tools like uMatrix (for Firefox or Chrome). Or, to leverage protection for the entire network, e.g. for your family, Pi-Hole is worth taking a look, too.

    via: Washington Post

  • Kampf gegen Facebook: Rückenwind für Schrems vor EuGH

    Schon seit den Snowden Leaks setzt Max Schrems sich gegen Facebook und für Datenschutz in Europa ein. Noch am 19.12.2019 hat das EuGH in seinem Sinn entschieden, schreibt der Österreichische Rundfunk:

    Am Donnerstag errang er [Max Schrems] einen Etappenerfolg: Der Generalanwalt des Europäischen Gerichtshofs (EuGH) empfahl dem Gericht, bei einigen Grundsatzfragen zum Datenaustausch zwischen den USA und EU in Schrems’ Sinne zu entscheiden.


    Source: Kampf gegen Facebook: Rückenwind für Schrems vor EuGH – news.ORF.at