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  • Fastly Global CDN Disruption

    Fastly is one of the major CDN vendors globally. As a regular consumer you wouldn’t be aware of their service, until a failure hits. Today the service faced a configuration issue, that apparently hit global pages like NYTimes and Bloomberg, but also Amazon, Reddit and Twitter, as reported in multiple sources. The issue is reported […]

  • Specification of DNS over Dedicated QUIC Connections

    Specification of DNS over Dedicated QUIC Connections

  • Fastly went public.

    Fastly went public.

    Already on Friday, Fastly, one of the more prominent representatives of the Website acceleration technology business, went public. Despite two days old, still worth mentioning. The San Francisco based company can be found under the label NASDAQ: FSLY. Measured by the initially offered price of 16$/share, the first day of trading close at $24.20 can […]

  • Fastly files for IPO

    Crunchbase has a First Look At The Fastly IPO Filing — news.crunchbase.com/news/first-look-at-the-fastly-ipo-filing/