• Slacking.

    Yes. eMail is still a favourite topic of mine. Years later, it’s still the one single medium, that allows communicating across organisational boundaries. It’s still the one medium that allows to reach out to random people, e.g. for marketing. Despite the difficulties GDPR introduced for marketeers in 2018, driving a lot of marketing to proprietary, […]

  • ‘We’ve created a privacy industry’

    ‘We’ve created a privacy industry’ was a statement you could often hear when Europe introduced General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the German implementation DatenSchutz GrundVerOrdnung (DSGVO). Already back in 2016 first predictions arrived, that GDPR will boost European software industry and give them a unique selling point. After the regulation became effective in Europe […]

  • DSGVO-Verstoß: 1&1 muss knapp 10 Millionen Euro Strafe zahlen

    Der Bundesdatenschutzbeauftragte Ulrich Kelber hat gegen die Telekommunikationsfirma 1&1 ein Bußgeld in Höhe von 9,55 Millionen Euro verhängt. Source: DSGVO-Verstoß: 1&1 muss knapp 10 Millionen Euro Strafe zahlen | heise online

  • Why Do Companies Need All That Personal Data They’re Collecting?

    It’s the Tech perspective, but has the potential for a good debate. Under GDPR it’s not even compliant and still plenty of companies collect all data they can get hold of. Driven by Big Data vendors telling the narrative of Data Lakes, that only require you the data today, should you want to ask any […]