• Specification of DNS over Dedicated QUIC Connections

    Specification of DNS over Dedicated QUIC Connections

  • HTTP/3 

    HTTP over QUIC will be called HTTP/3, following a suggestion by Mark Nottingham. Source: HTTP/3 | daniel.haxx.se

  • #learned 6LoWPAN

    Just learned. There is a protocol by the name of 6LoWPAN, which is short for IPv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Networks. It is a current IETF working group and aims to provide capabilities to devices participating in the Internet of Things.

  • IETF93 DOTS Recording

    Recording from the IETF “DDoS Open Threat Signaling” (DOTS) Working Group meeting during IETF93, taking place July 19-24 in Prague. The agenda of the WG is to develop a standards based approach for the realtime signaling of DDoS related telemetry and threat handling requests and data between elements concerned with DDoS attack detection, classification, traceback, […]

  • Software Defined Networks

    For the most of my career I spent time configuring TCP stacks, IP ACLs, firewall rules and layer2 links. I worked with devices of multiple vendors, pulled together hubs, switches, routers and packet filters, used hardware and software tools to find why an application won’t connect to a remore peer. For the most time. Still, […]