200 #CX #Influencers to follow to kickstart #2021

Customer Experience and digital marketing are still highly dynamic spaces. Keeping up to date is paramount to keep up the pace. Engati collected the most influential people on LinkedIn and Twitter you should follow to shape your filterbubble for 2021.

Top 200 Influencers from customer experience, digital transformation, marketing automation, and technology domain to follow and learn from, in the year 2021.

Source: 200 CX Influencers to follow to kickstart 2021

Top Influencers in Security

Tripwire has a recommendation of Security Influencers to follow in 2015, along with their Twitter handle. While I second all of the recommendations, it is particularily notable that 3 out of these 15 names work – or have worked – for Akamai. These guys are @BillBrenner70, @gattaca and @JOSHCORMAN. Every individual on the list had the opportunity to answer, which infosec-related superpower he would unlock, which makes the list a bit of an entertaining read, too.

Top Influencers in Security You Should Be Following in 2015.