Net Defender CloudFlare Goes Down, Taking Many Websites With It

The Internet was built with de-centralized infrastructures in mind. To scale globally, network providers like CloudFlare have emerged, to run decentralized infrastructures and offer them as a service. In general, keeping service independent of each others and maintaining heterogeneous networks have a proven track record of resilience, that is not necessarily inherent to the architecture of these providers. Just like Akamai had a bad day in 2004, CloudFlare today suffered from a global outage, that left many obvious collateral problems visible all over the Internet. Bloomberg, among others, reports:

CloudFlare Inc., an internet service meant to protect websites from going down, faced its own network issues on Tuesday, leading to several prominent sites — like blogging platform Medium and video game chat provider Discord — being unavailable for some time.

Source: Net Defender CloudFlare Goes Down, Taking Many Websites With It – Bloomberg

Electromagnetic Warfare Is Here

James Bond and a few other cinema heroes prevented this from happening: Villains creating blackouts in our critical infrastructure. Until now, this was limited to fiction. IEEE Spectrum has an article to describe how realistic this is as of 2014.

via Electromagnetic Warfare Is Here.

Internet: The winner takes all

Lesebefehl: Der Artikel beginnt damit, Marktgrößen der vorangegangenen Generation, der Pre-Internet Zeit, als Beispiele zu nennen. Konsum-Produkte sind als “Long Tail” leichter durch das Internet als Vertriebskanal zu verkaufen sind und gegenüber den bekannten Marken genauso leicht zu finden sind. Damit sind die Beispiele, die der Autor nennt, schwer zu vergleichen mit Amazon, Google, Apple oder Amazon, die es tatsächlich geschafft haben, Infrastruktur zu werden, fast alle anderen Angebote hängen in der ein oder anderen Form von diesen 4 Firmen ab.

assertTrue( ): How the Internet is Changing Economics

Am Ende ist das Argument “Winner Takes all” leicht nachzuvollziehen. Diversität findet im Internet (Content-) Business gerade wenig statt.