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  • The Mind at Work: Guido van Rossum on how Python makes thinking in code easier

    Python, the programming language, gained lot’s of popularity only in the past decade. In particular for big data applications, machine learning and data science the language is almost without alternative. But also for tool development or web applications backends, Python has huge adoption. Reasons are it’s huge ecosystem and a friendly, constructive community. Despite it’s […]

  • Wieland Alge, Barracuda VP, about the Security Industry

    For short: “Get real”. A few good points, still from somebody from inside the industry that produces security software. via ‘Stop chasing invisible unicorns’ – Barracuda EMEA VP tells security industry to get real – Channelnomics.eu.

  • The Job Market of 2045

    Interview mit Moshe Vardi,Distinguished Service Professor in Computational Engineering an der Rice University, wie sich der Arbeitsmarkt in den nächsten >30 Jahren verändern wird. Es geht um die sogenannte Automatisierungsdividende. The Job Market of 2045 – IEEE Spectrum.

  • Cloud-Computing braucht hohe Bandbreite

    “Cloud-Computing braucht hohe Bandbreite” Ach wirklich? Man könnte es für ein Interview mit Captain Obvious halten, aber es ist ein Manager von Vodafone. So passt das zusammen. Interview mit Vodafone-Manager: Cloud-Computing braucht hohe Bandbreite via Frankfurter Neue Presse.

  • AWS announces DynamoDB

    AWS announces DynamoDB as part of their cloud offering. NoSQL. Scalable, Elastic, Hosted. Werner Vogels, AWS CTO in Interview on Youtube: AWSLIVE: Introducing Amazon DynamoDB Also on Youtube: Introducing Amazon DynamoDB