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  • iPhone 13 A15

    With the anticipated release of iPhone 13 coming closer, rumours increase. Leaker @FrontTron on Twitter has some numbers, that AppleInsider is kind enough to put into perspective. It’s impressive how apple dominates the mobile CPU space. With last years release of “Apple Silicon” in form of the M1 chip for notebook like computing (and the […]

  • Privacy on the Net

    As advertised by Apple. The company introduced a feature called “App tracking transparency”, that defaults to “do not allow tracking” as of version 14.5, that was released earlier this year. The feature allows device-owners to control which apps can track user behaviour across multiple websites. Reality is more complex, as always, but it’s still a […]

  • twelve

    daily, photo, 04.02.2021. late.

  • Apple Keynote Summarised

    I think I understood it now.

  • Super Mario

    daily photo, late, 06.04.2020

  • Apple blocks culture

  • The Greed Depression

    The Greed Depression. Graffiti am Referat für Gesundheit und Umwelt in München. daily, 13.01.2020

  • The Horror!

    The Horror! #shotoniphone

  • Look, No Hands!

    Look, No Hands!

    Google’s Project Zero drops a hand full of Zero Day vulnerabilities for the iPhone at Black Hat 2019. Apparently one of them isn’t patched yet. Interaction-less Attack Surface in this context means, it’s wormable, executing code with no human interaction. Source: Look, No Hands! — The Remote, Interaction-less Attack Surface of the iPhone

  • San Francisco – Day Three

    Still jet lagged. Woke up at 4, talked to Germany at 5, did some work at 6, left the Hotel at 7, saw a man in a panda costume before 8.