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‘We’ve created a privacy industry’

‘We’ve created a privacy industry’ was a statement you could often hear when Europe introduced General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the German implementation DatenSchutz GrundVerOrdnung (DSGVO). Already back in 2016 first predictions arrived, that GDPR will boost European software industry and give them a unique selling point. After the regulation became effective in Europe May 25th 2018(!), after a 2 years transition period, perceived only complaints happened. Affected data controllers and processors cited the difficulties implementing these regulations. A BitKom funded survey even indicates the regulation is hurting the European market.

'We've created a privacy industry'
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Now, around 1.5years later, the industry seems to have settled on the regulation and business continues as usual. Subjectively perceived, privacy is indeed still an obstacle to decision makers in the market. Even politicians keep on imploring data to be the new oil, demanding a data driven economy and to weakend the underlying ideas of european data protection acts. Meanwhile, the opportunity has moved along. Californian Start-Ups discovered this niche and turn privacy it into value:

Privacy-focused technology companies are offering a variety of services, from personal data scrubbing to business-focused software meant to help companies comply with the law.

Source: ‘We’ve created a privacy industry’: California law fuels wave of startups

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California cracks down on deepfakes

It was obvious Deepfakes came to stay, when they first surfaced in the shape of Pornography on Reddit in 2017.

Meanwhile, it appears, the issue has become that much of an issue it needs legislation. California now cracks down on political and pornographic deepfakes and passed two new bills, that a) will make deepfakes illegal and b) will allow anyone affected to sue the creator.

Source: California cracks down on political and pornographic deepfakes

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Uploadfilter: Twitch nicht mehr in Europa

Neulich so:

“‘Artikel 13’ betrifft kaum Platformen und Nutzer, maximal 5%”

Heute so:

Vor einer Woche ist die umstrittene EU-Urheberrechtsreform verabschiedet worden. Als erste große Plattform deutet jetzt der Videostreamingdienst Twitch Uploadfilter und

Source: Uploadfilter: Twitch erwägt Ausschluss von EU-Nutzern –