Health Officials Say ‘No Thanks’ to Contact-Tracing Tech“, titles Wired. In all these recent debates about how to handle Covid-19 going forward, in particular in Germany, it may be worthwhile looking beyond borders.

Later last month, Engadget reported, that Israel stops phone tracing to enforce Corona quaranties. While Israel seemed to look at phone location information, the Wired article suggests multiple US states and cities evaluated the benefit of other contact tracing technology. The result seems to disappoint:

States like New York, California, and Massachusetts, and cities like Baltimore and San Francisco, have looked carefully at cutting-edge contact-tracing solutions and largely said, “No thanks,” or “Not now.”

via wired.

Foreign perspective is an interesting one, too. Foreign Policy titles “Germany’s Angst Is Killing Its Coronavirus Tracing App“. Which, after all, may be the exact outcome.


Nach Lady Gaga, Elton John, den Killers, Annie Lennox und ettlichen anderen haben sich auch die Rolling Stones zuhause eingeschlossen und ein Konzert über Internet gegeben. Im Rahmen von One World: Together at Home haben die 4 “You can’t always get what you want.” zum Besten gegeben. Die Ärzte haben zwar neulich mit Ihrem “Lied für jetzt” etwas ähnliches gemacht, waren bei One World: Together at Home, glaube ich, aber aussen vor.

Die Rolling Stones bei Ihrem One World: Together at Home Konzert
Die Rolling Stones bei Ihrem One World: Together at Home Konzert

As part of the One World: Together at Home fundraiser organized by the WHO, Global Citizen, and Lady Gaga that raised $127.9 million for Covid-19 relief efforts, the members of the Rolling Stones, each in their own home, got together via video to perform You Can’t Always Get What You Want. It’s a lovely messy & spare performance and the choice of song is timely — plenty of people around the world are definitely not getting what they want right now, but hopefully we will eventually end up getting what we need.