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  • #WWDC 06.Jun 2022

    #WWDC 06.Jun 2022

    On Monday Apple opened this years World Wide Developer Conference, WWDC for short. The entire keynote felt encroaching to me, but I failed to grab the feeling while the show was on. Only after I got through notes it became clear to me how many business areas Apple is attacking on their own territory. “Buy […]

  • Introducing TensorFlow Recommenders

    TensorFlow, the open-source machine-learning library, introduced a library to make recommendations easier. Recommendations are a crucial component for e-Commerce but also other web-services. Good recommendations help build a better user experience and drive customer engagement. The more time consumers spend on a site, the quicker customers find what they are looking for, the better their […]

  • Save ARM

    After nVidia announced their intent to acquire ARM for $40B the other day, ARMs cofounder Hermann Hauser cofounder, today published an open letter to the british prime minister. The letter brings attention to economic implications the deal will bring and appeals to prevent those. To save ARM: https://savearm.co.uk/ Critical voices have expressed their concern over […]

  • Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism

    Shoshana Zuboff, author of “The age of surveillance capitalism“(Affiliate link) talks about surveillance capitalism and it’s impact on democracy at the Alexander von Humboldt Institut for internet and society. In her book, she investigates a novel market form and coined the term ‘surveillance capitalism’.

  • What Gizmodo ‘Knows’ About Facebook

    What Gizmodo ‘Knows’ About Facebook

    What Gizmodo ‘Knows’ About Facebook, they published past Friday along with evidence over allegedly suppressed news coverage of Mark Zuckerberg

  • How to measure product market fit

    Looking at the right metrics to achieve a product market fit. Department of Product

  • Product Management vs Product Ownership

    The organisation that I am part of introduced an overlaying Product Management department only fairly recently, less than a year ago. Early in the time it was exciting to see this role dedicated to market and customer perspective, but it raised questions over how this was different from Product Ownership from day one. Over the […]

  • Competitive Analysis and Strategy To Win

    A product’s success is not only defined by its features. Whether it can win in the market to a large extent is owed to the environment it is offered. Customer requirements, competitive offering, market climate, environmental conditions, total cost of ownership (TCO) can have an impact on the products success. A competitive overview is essential […]

  • Fastly files for IPO

    Crunchbase has a First Look At The Fastly IPO Filing — news.crunchbase.com/news/first-look-at-the-fastly-ipo-filing/

  • Lifelong Learning

    Lifelong Learning

    IEEE’s Educational Activities Committee (EAC) invited me for their regular meeting, that happens May 13th and 14th in Porto, Portugal. Me being there is to represent Action for Industry Committee (AfI). On first priority, the attendance is to foster inter-committee cooperation. However, one of the items we’d love to promote to industry, but to everybody else, is that […]