Google Cloud Is Down

Apparently Google was down the other day. Unfortunately, I was on a train in a really remote location and couldn’t verify what I picked up from Hacker News and tweeted.

Meanwhile, there is a bit of broader coverage on Slashdot and The Verge, that hint at the size of the outage.

Again, an outage like this reminds of the issues that remain with the Cloud, the difference to traditional infrastructure is merely scale at which an outage hits.

Source: Google Cloud Is Down | Hacker News

Apple considering offline mode for Siri

Not sure about how you use Siri or other voice assistants. For me, it’s in the car mostly or in other locations that just don’t have connectivity in that moment I’d need assistance. Local voice processing – in other words no cloud required – would indeed be a huge step for Apple or the technology as such. It’d also be an improvement looking at it from the privacy perspective.

If only Siri became better in understanding me.

Apple wants Siri to become more useful to users when not connected to the internet, including the possibility of an offline mode that does not rely on a backend server to assist with voice recognition or performing the required task, one that would be entirely performed on the user’s device.

Source: Apple considering offline mode for Siri that could process voice locally on an iPhone

50 Dinge, die man im Social Web erlebt haben muss, ehe man den Stecker zieht

Schlimm ist hauptsächlich, dass Sachen dabei sind, die man schon erlebt hat.

Animierte GIFs mit 2 Bildern gabs z.B. erst gestern :

Aber sonst ist der Artikel großartig! Den Stecker darf man aber gerne auch schon früher ziehen, social ist ohnehin überbewertet…

50 Dinge, die man im Social Web erlebt haben muss, ehe man den Stecker zieht | avatter.