Arrived SFO

San Bruno AveYesterday, actually. Haven’t been to San Francisco or Palo Alto yet, but jet lag hasn’t allowed us to go anywhere other than the hotel. Which happens to be in San Bruno, south of San Francisco, outside the SFO airport.
First meetings are going to happen this afternoon, leaving some room for getting over the jet lag a proper breakfast, some calls with our timezone.

Passenger on Earth

Passenger on Earth is a travel- and photo-blog for positive people having fun in foreign cultures. It tries to inspire people, share the spirit of adventure and amazing landscapes, carries you to the most beautiful places all over the planet, it supports your travel plans with stories, ideas and thoughts, to allow you to enjoy any of your trip with all your senses, and writes for the individualist.

I recommend this blog, because I have fun in this content, in traveling, in remote places, in photography. And because I envy Petra Paul, a former colleague of mine, a bit for her ambition and courage to do this.

Petras latest post about her trip to Lappland and the Polar circle is here: Husky Abenteuer Lappland – Erlebnis Hundeschlitten Touren.

The worst hacker stock photo.

Balaclavas are standard in encryption these days, even hackers innovate. And so here is the new trend among the black hat elite, for the ultimate privacy protection, pictured for the viewers pleasure. Major global news sites already ordered this stock photo.