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  • No Escape from Telephones

    No Escape from Telephones

    No Escape from Telephones: In 1953, a Telephone-Company Executive Predicts the Rise of Modern Smartphones and Video Calls. Given this predates a time in which regular telephones were scarce and not easily available, this is a pretty bold prediction. How right Mark R. Sullivan was. We live in the age of the smartphone, which took […]

  • Tech’s strangest jobs of the future, recruited for today

    Tech’s strangest job listings: Straight from the “daily workplace automation destruction” protocol.com reports the future of job descriptions, as indicated by job postings today. Glimpsing the future in eye-opening tech job listings. The article found quite a few interesting job profiles that companies apparently look for today already: Facebook: People Research Scientist, Leadership Joby Aviation: […]

  • 2020: The year of ARM?

    Rumors, that Apple would switch to ARM for their computers have been floating around for a while. MacWorld just recently reaffirmed these with Annual ARM predictions. Another important product that was announced at this years Re:Invent, AWS has ARM servers in their cloud portfolio. The Graviton2 is a custom-built 64bit processor available for EC2 workloads. A […]

  • Paul Krugman on “the Internet’s impact’

    Economist Paul Krugman predicts the impact of the internet

    Prognosen sind schwierig, besonders wenn sie die Zukunft betreffen.

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  • IP Traffic in 2017: 1.4 Zettabytes

    IP Traffic in 2017: 1.4 Zettabytes via IEEE Spectrum .