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GitHub’s Public Roadmap

GitHub just started to publish a public Roadmap. Not even a login is required. Product People will appreciate, this is pretty huge commitment for an organization.

TechCrunch’s article
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Fastly files for IPO

Crunchbase has a First Look At The Fastly IPO Filing

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BitTorrent Live now in open beta

Apparently, Bittorrent Live is now in open beta with a test case for live streaming.

In the market for internet backed streaming, this may make a large difference, should the technology keep it’s promise.

BitTorrent Live now in open beta, brings live webcasting to the masses

via: Engadget

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The issue with Crypto.

Encrypted email is still not popular, because this is so embarrassing:

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Frank Sempert: Cloud wird Mainstream

Weshalb Cloud Computing zum Mittelpunkt der IT werden wird

Die Cloud wird in den nächsten drei bis vier Jahren zum absoluten Mainstream. In den nächsten zehn Jahren wird sie sogar zum Mittelpunkt der IT.