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  • Python 3.9

    Python 3.9 is available. What’s new: New syntax features: PEP 584, union operators added to dict; PEP 585, type hinting generics in standard collections; PEP 614, relaxed grammar restrictions on decorators. New built-in features: PEP 616, string methods to remove prefixes and suffixes. New features in the standard library: PEP 593, flexible function and variable […]

  • Off Facebook Activity

    Off Facebook Activity is a tool, that let’s Facebook users see which sites they used outside of Facebook. The tool is as creepy as you would think it would be. Facebook, through it’s like buttons and other embeds, has sheer unlimited insight into personal browsing behaviour. In an attempt by the company to create more […]

  • AWS CloudFront Monitoring Update

    AWS CloudFront Monitoring Update: AWS released an early & small Christmas Gift to their CloudFront Customers. CloudFront now supports eight more metrics to monitor content distribution. These include: Cache Hit Rate via HTTP POST and PUT requests, via the percentage of all cacheable requests for which CloudFront served the content from its cache, including errors […]

  • Kubernetes 1.17 released today – Open Source

    Today Kubernetes released it’s version 1.17. The software is one of the most popular open source projects ever. It allows managing containerised applications and micro-services.

  • The Road to Python3

    When Python3 came out in 2009, it was already heavily debated. Python3 would be incompatible with previous versions of the popular language, but fix many drawbacks. While the vision was clear and the community initially planned to move forward much quicker. The demand for having a 2.x branch was so huge, however, that the community […]

  • Python 3.8.0 is now available

    Here is what’s new. Source: Python Insider: Python 3.8.0 is now available

  • Microsoft is all in on Hardware

    thenextweb.com has a rundown of Surface Laptop, Surface Duo, Surface Earbuds, Neo and everything else Microsoft announced at their Surface event this week. Here’s a quick rundown of Microsoft’s exciting new hardware for the coming year, including Surface laptops, earbuds, a foldable phone, and more. Source: Surface Duo, Neo, and everything else at Microsoft’s packed […]

  • Kubernetes 1.16 released

    Kubernetes, the container orchestration and hardware abstraction framework, reached Version 1.16. Custom Resources, Overhauled Metrics, and Volume Extensions are the mentionable new features in the new release. We’re pleased to announce the delivery of Kubernetes 1.16, our third release of 2019! Kubernetes 1.16 consists of 31 enhancements: 8 enhancements moving to stable, 8 enhancements in […]

  • Django 3.0 alpha1 released

    A major version bump, with the largest change being built in support for ASGI, the Asynchronous Server Gateway Interface, that previously could be included via channels. The biggest benefits ASGI offers over the traditional WSGI, is the possibility to build asynchronous operations in webapps, and leverage e.g. WebSockets to push information to the client. Here […]

  • Go 1.13 released

    Some of the highlights include: The go command now downloads and authenticates modules using the Go module mirror and Go checksum database by default Improvements to number literals Error wrapping TLS 1.3 on by default Improved modules support https://blog.golang.org/go1.13