Release: Kubernetes 1.12

Kubelet TLS Bootstrap and Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS) Move to General Availability – Kubernetes Blog Author: The 1.12 Release TeamWe’re pleased to announce the delivery of Kubernetes 1.12, our third release of 2018!Today’s release continues to focus on internal improvements and graduating features to stable in Kubernetes. This newest version graduates key features […]

Vim 8 released

Vim 8 was released today. Features include: – Asynchronous I/O support, channels, JSON – Jobs – Timers – Partials, Lambdas and Closures – Packages – New style testing – Viminfo merged by timestamp – GTK+ 3 support – MS-Windows DirectX support Nobody knows why. Source: Vim

Docker 1.10

Docker announced version 1.10 past week. The new release contains more than 100 improvements over the previous version. New features include better resource management, a more flexible docker-compose file format and improvements to security. These are in particular through user namespace isolation, implementation of seccomp for syscall filtering and an authorization plugin to restrict access […]

Visual Studio now open source

Microsoft announced it will be open sourcing Visual Studio Code at it’s connect(); developer conference. Code is available over at github. Alongside, MSFT released a preview extension that will allow debugging Linux applications using GDB, too. Microsoft doubles down on cross-platform software development. A huge move forward. Quelle: Ars Technica