Here's What Real 3D Touch Looks Like | WIRED

With all the advertisements from Apple about their 3D touch technology, virtually everybody that actually got their hands on the devices was somewhat disappointed with the advancement. There must be options beyond peek and pop, and startup Qeexos develops this real 3D touch technology. Wired has an article on the possibilities. You may soon be […]

Don't aim for disruptive

The tech industry is optimizing everything around us, disrupting every aspect of social, business or whatsoever. The thought everything will be easier is just so tempting to everybody remotely involved in anything remotely digital. And that’s why so many app-developers, start-ups, evangelists feel inspired by the opportunity. Every new idea needs to be ground breaking, […]

Infografik: Warum Startups scheitern

Sehr schöne Analyse, warum 11 von 12 Startups scheitern. Hauptgrund, schenkt man dieser Analyse Glauben, ist zu frühes Wachstum. Irgendwie kommt aus der Grafik aber nicht raus, ob es für die Idee des gescheiterten Unternehmens überhaupt einen hinreichenden Markt gab oder ob dort nur Geld verbrannt wurde.   via Kaffeepause: Warum Startups scheitern | Gründerszene.