Competitive Analysis and Strategy To Win

A product’s success is not only defined by its features. Whether it can win in the market to a large extent is owed to the environment it is offered. Customer requirements, competitive offering, market climate, environmental conditions, total cost of ownership (TCO) can have an impact on the products success. A competitive overview is essential […]

Going all-in on AWS is a recipe for success

Gousto believes going all-in on AWS is a recipe for success, diginomica writes, and it’s undeniable there is no way around public cloud for digital services & offerings. It’s a pretty steep thesis to build a strategy relying on one particular hyper-scaler to make a business a success. In the end, customers purchase experience and […]

Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast

“Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast” is a quote that is often attributed to Peter F. Drucker, but was apparently coined by Ford’s Mark Fields. Whoever said it, both have plenty of business acumen to take some credit for the thought behind it. There statement has lot of truth in it, looking into corporate structures. With the […]

Planning for 2016

David Cummings has a few words on startup planning for 2016. Not only for startups, but also for established mid- and large companies planning ahead is an important activity, in particular planning the next year at the end of past year. My primary customer has been a company that builds and markets tools for “Business Intelligence”. These […]

Die Qual der Wahl.

Um als Läufer angemessen trainieren zu können, braucht man ein bisschen Ausstattung. Man braucht Schuhe, Hosen, Shirt, aber auch Schrittmesser, Pulsgurt und GPS Sensor, vielleicht einen Höhenmesser. Um Entwicklungen über Zeit verfolgen zu können, benötigt man ausserdem ein Smartphone, in einem dem Modell angepassten Armband, das sich mit allen Teilen über Bluetooth verbindet und die […]