eMail. Still.

Year 2015. Still eMail is the predominant means of communication. Everybody hates it, most companies make an effort to ban it. Atos wanted to go email free, Telekom shuts off their servers, Daimler even deletes email for people on vacation. Even I receive emails, saying “I need this, but I cannot answer”, quoting the “email free day policy”. Despite all effort, nobody succeeds.

Why? Unclear. While I think email should be banned myself, I have difficulties offering a better option. But I develop a feeling for why this is happening. This morning somebody mentioned he’ll be posting into a channel. That company claims to simplify communication, make teamwork less painful and busy, all searchable. As if nobody else tried that. And even if does a good job in what they aim for, they are just another solution.

In my personal, active use are, Pocket, Salesforce chatter. While my company introduces a community, colleagues swear on private Facebook groups or WhatsApp for simplified communication. Not to mention the tools customers and businesspartners are using. Popular among these are Jive, Atlassian Jira, SAP Jam, but not limited, I’ve seen self hosted communities, bug trackers and ticketing tools.

It’s difficult to keep track of all these tools. But they all send notifications through email.

Which tool do you use to communicate?

Wie man richtig Produktiv ist.

Den meisten wird das alles bekannt vorkommen.


Und genau die gleichen werden alles leugnen, was einer anständigen Produktivität so im Weg steht:



via How to Destroy Your Productivity & Sales Effectiveness [Infographic] – B2B Marketing.

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