Automattic’s Series D

Automattic, the company behind both the popular WordPress Software and Service, that owns Tumblr as of recently, closed a $300 million Series D today. Matt Mullenweg, founder and CEO of Automattic, shares a few thoughts on the near future on his blog.


In 2015, it was big news to the Startup and VC scene, when Microsoft announced it would acquire Wunderlist. Back then, 6Wunderkinder was one of the most promising StartUps in the German Capital. The social media bubble immediately started debating the future of the product and whether Microsoft would spoil it or even shut it down.

The recent past showed all fears held true when Microsoft announced the shutdown of Wunderlist in favour of a “To-Do” app, to the disappointment of it’s entire user base.

Now, another two years later, Christian Reber, CEO and Founder of 6 Wunderkinder, announced his plans to buy back the core application from Microsoft. VentureBeat has more

#iot and the old economy

More companies from the old economy discover the potential of the Internet of things. Miele and Microsoft team up.

Microsoft and Miele team up to cook up an IoT revolution