Phones Open to Attack through WhatsApp Flaw

Meanwhile, another flaw from the Facebook universe. While it appears it’s not immediately related to data leakage, it gives great potential to 3rd parties, though. On the upside, nobody will attribute it to Facebook this time.

It’s a good opportunity to point out and recommend the alternatives to Whatsapp, in particular Signal and Threema.

A WhatsApp vulnerability left Android and iOS devices open to attack from sophisticated surveillance software. The Facebook-owned company said it hasn’t yet been able to determine how many people were impacted, and told users to ensure they’re running the latest version of the app.

Source: WhatsApp Flaw Left Phones Open to Attack From Sophisticated Spyware | Digital Trends

Facebook’s Charme Offensive

Sieht so aus als ob Facebook nicht groß was an dem Umgang mit Privacy ändern will. Stattdessen werden Kritiker von dem Konzern eingekauft. Man wird nicht damit rechnen können, dass sich da von innen heraus was verändern wird. Gerade nachdem erst einmal angekündigt wurde, noch mehr Daten zu sammeln.