The cyber speaks for itself.

The cyber speaks for itself: Somebody trained an AI to write a paper to predict the future of Cyber. Sources were 1000 other predictions about cyber.

There are a lot of 2020 cybersecurity predictions. We had a bot do it for us.


Now, the Cyber speaks: And the result speaks for itself:

Cyber by Erdbeernaut on Flickr, Public Domain
Cyber speaks about cyber

Real-time data and analytics and machine learning and AI creates unpreparedness by corporations and Big Tech companies.

Cyber predicts Cyber

Source: 2020 cybersecurity predictions, as told by a bot – CyberScoop

Amazon could write books.

Today in dystopian news: Amazon, the book selling department, controlling about 40% of the US book market, collects reading habbits from their sales and Kindle. By now the corporation knows enough about it’s customers it could be generating best selling books. Spookey. And potentially game changing, when machines replace creative professions.

Amazon has the ability to track vast amounts of reader data and use it to change the landscape of American fiction.

Source: Amazon has so much data it could make algorithm-driven fiction — Quartz