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  • WWDC 6502 – World Wide Development of Commodore

    The C64 was the most popular home computer of all time. Imagine the success it could possibly have had with Appleā€˜s marketing department. @gregnacu on twitter had a vision.

  • Apple is building its own processors

    During this years wwdc2020, Apple announced it’s own silicon for future Mac computers. This is HUGE. After the switch from 68xxx to PowerPC and to Intel, this is the fourth change of HW Platform for the company. Mainly, it means a huge message to Intel, who has been providing CPUs for the popular Mac Computers. […]

  • Apple to transition to ARM

    The rumours ain’t new, but appear to become more tangible. This time Ars Technica reports an announcement could happen as early as this years WWDC. The report bases on Mark Gurman, an Bloomberg News reporter focusing on Apple News. He initially published an article in Bloomberg News on the topic and tweeted: Not only cost […]

  • Twitter comes back to the Mac

    Twitter comes back to the Mac.

  • Apple’s 2019 WWDC announcements

    Good & Quick summary of everything announced at this years WWDC edition. A little bit of everything for everyone. Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose this morning with a two-and-a-half hour keynote, showing off everything the company has been working on for the past many months. Want to know everything […]

  • #WWDC – OSX 10.11 'El Capitan'

    Will Oremus hass a few suggestions to name future versions of OS X. Really sad that Apple keeps rejecting all my ideas for OS X names. http://t.co/N19tHNPC5N pic.twitter.com/rC9yc2MrU5 — Will Oremus (@WillOremus) June 8, 2015