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Calling it an “accurate representation of whole western capitalist society” is a bit far reached, but it will trigger associations for the urban, corporate employed citizen. Everything working makes the journey very convenient, but go in circles.

Robotic Loop

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Is cloud computing truly, truly disruptive?

“Disruption” is one of those words that has been overused, being applied to every little product or service that comes to market, or every new company that emerges. Cloud computing and digital technologies, for example, are branded by many as “disruptive.” New services and business models sweeping through markets, such as Uber and Airbnb, are […]

Turns out, no, the cloud itself ain’t disruptive. But the availability of on-demand computing resources enables businesses to come up with ideas more easily and the service based approach disrupts businesses.
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US surveillance makes 'Safe Harbour' data treaty with EU invalid, European court adviser says

15-year-old ‘Safe Harbour’ agreement between the US and EU should not stop data transfers being suspended, legal counsel says

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Project Zero looks at Kaspersky.

Google’s “Project Zero” took a look at Kaspersky’s products. The result is unpleasant, if not to say devastating.

The closing statement is a constructive mention towards Antivirus products.

In future, we would like to see antivirus unpackers, emulators and parsers sandboxed, not run with SYSTEM privileges.